Saturday, March 10, 2012

Alliance Defense Fund's Austin Nimocks Briefs 100 Religious Leaders On Problems With Anchorage Proposition 5; Conservative Patriots Group Also Opposes Prop 5

On Thursday March 7th, 2012, Austin Nimocks, an attorney with the Alliance Defense Fund (ADF), held a briefing for a reported 100 local religious leaders to discuss the pitfalls of the Anchorage Equal Rights Initiative, designated Proposition 5, on which voters will pass judgment during the April 3rd municipal election. ABT has made a video of the one-hour presentation available; if the embed fails, a direct link to the video is provided:

Watch live streaming video from abtlive at

The briefing generally follows the outline of an ADF memorandum published on February 22nd, 2012, which expresses concern that Prop 5 would radically impair religious freedom in Anchorage and that it would protect vague and undefinable classes, putting ALL Anchorage residents and businesses on uncertain legal ground. The ADF memorandum spells out three major categorical objections:

I. The Initiative provides no real protections or exemptions for religiously or morally motivated actions.

II. The Initiative will have a widespread and pernicious impact on the religious liberty of individuals and organizations.

III. Many applications of the Initiative will also violate other First Amendment rights of organizations and individuals, such as free speech and association.

As of March 8th, One Anchorage, which is leading the charge in favor or Proposition 5, has raised $232,000 in contributions. While One Anchorage claims they have "overwhelming grass-roots support", citing contributions from 1,100 Alaskans to include 936 Anchorage residents, nearly 20 percent of the total ($45,000) comes from three Outside organizations, to include Planned Parenthood ($25,000), Pride Foundation ($10,000), and the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force ($10,000). In contrast, Protect Your Rights -- Vote No on Prop 5, reports receiving just under $5,000, with the largest single total of $3,025 from Chapel By The Sea in South Anchorage. KTUU Channel 2 now reports that more donations are streaming in, and that Protect Your Rights has made a total ad buy of $6,010

But the Alaska Family Council recently got a significant boost when the Conservative Patriots Group announced their opposition to Proposition 5. They wrote, "Proposition 5 is not about equal rights it is about securing SUPERIOR rights for the BLT&G gang (less than 4% of the population) that intends to impose their homosexual/transgender preferences and agenda on the 96% of us that do not agree with their life style". The Conservative Patriots Group is effective; during the past two years, 11 of their endorsed candidates won their elections (Joe Miller lost the general election, but won the Alaska Republican Primary election in 2010).

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