Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Samantha Koenig Reward Fund Now At $70,000; Time Out Lounge In South Anchorage To Host A "Sam Jam" Benefit On March 4th

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The Anchorage Police Department continues its efforts to track down kidnapped barista Samantha Koenig and bring her kidnapper to justice, but there's been little progress reported by the local media during the past week. A February 25th fundraiser at the Top Hat Studio in East Anchorage attracted hundreds of people. The reward has now been upped to $70,000 for her safe return, and new flyers created to reflect the change.

A printable PDF-quality version is available HERE



Many people throughout the community continue to contribute time, talent, and money to the search. However, the Time Out Lounge, without prompting from any of Samantha's family, is contributing their facility for an eight-hour period on Sunday March 4th, 2012. Seven bands will be showing up to play in a "Sam Jam" benefit for Samantha. All tips will be contributed to the Samantha Koenig Fund. KYUR Channel 13 has a story:

The Time Out Lounge is located at 4600 Old Seward Hwy. Here's the flyer:
Although the Koenig family remains optimistic, an element of pessimism is creeping into the mix for the first time. Because nothing has been heard from the kidnapper since the crime took place on February 1st, some commenters to the ADN fear that it is no longer merely a kidnapping. It is unusual for a kidnapper not to communicate demands at some point. But even as we mentally prepare for the worst, we still hope for the best.

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