Sunday, February 05, 2012

Living With Down's Syndrome: Sarah Palin Discusses The Joys And Challenges Of Caring For Trig Palin In Newsweek Article

The Daily Mail calls our attention to a Newsweek article entitled "Life With Trig: Sarah Palin on Raising a Special-Needs Child", in which she discusses the joys and challenges of caring for a special needs child. Trig is almost four years old now, and Palin says that when he wakes up each morning, he welcomes each day with applause and laughter.

Summary: Palin notes that the presence of Trig in her life does complicate many everyday activities like doctor’s appointments, social gatherings, travel accommodations, mealtimes, and even a night of uninterrupted sleep more difficult. Indeed, this may have been the one factor causing her to pass up running for President. But in the final analysis, Palin says she wouldn’t trade those difficulties for any convenience or absence of fear, proclaiming that God knew what He was doing when he blessed her family with Trig. Of course, it helps that she has a network of loving friends and a big, supportive family to call upon to help, including a husband who spends many sleepless nights with Trig when he becomes restless.

Not mentioned is the fact that Sarah Palin has become financially prosperous, which certainly confers upon her much more flexibility in meeting Trig's needs. Two and a half years ago, she was living on a governor's salary, Todd's earnings, and facing a legal debt approaching $500,000 due to the ethics jihad being waged against her. Today, because of free market demand for Palin's worldview, she's a millionaire. In contrast, the chief ethics jihadi, Andree McLeod, became a virtual pauper because of her OCD-style obsession with Palin's ethics, unable to afford the $725 for a box of long-sought Palin e-mails. Amazing how karma swings back and forth. But Palin says she has become more thankful and more compassionate toward others who have less as a result of having Trig in her life.

Trig's lucky that his mother is pro-life. Additional discussion on Conservatives4Palin.

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