Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Former Alaska State Rep. Vic Kohring Speaks Out About His Legal Ordeal, Apologizes For Taking Money From Bill Allen

Former Alaska State Representative Vic Kohring, who is considered a charter member of what has come to be known as the "Corrupt Bastards Club", has finally spoken out in his own defense. It is the first installment in a series in which Kohring will tell his own side of the federal Alaska public corruption probe. First published in the new Make-A-Scene, a monthly community publication serving readers in the Matanuska-Susitna Valley, Alaska Dispatch has picked it up and re-published it. Lengthy, but worth reading.

Previous posts about Vic Kohring available HERE, with the most recent post appearing first.

Summary: Here are the most significant highlights:

-- Kohring apologizes for having accepted money from Bill Allen. He honestly thought Allen's gifts were from a friend with no strings attached, and says he never intended to change his position on oil tax legislation to benefit Allen, and id not vote the way Allen wanted him to vote. Kohring now recognizes how being seen on video accepting money from Bill Allen created the perception of wrongdoing.

-- Kohring's plea bargain, in which he was sentenced to time already served, recognizes the practical difficulties he would have had at his re-trial in Fairbanks. He decided to continue was simply not worth further subjecting his family or himself to the government's chicanery, nor was it worth the risk of losing at the re-trial and potentially being taken away from loved ones for years. Kohring has already spent $1.25 million on his defense. It would not be a level playing field anyway, since Kohring's impoverished, and the Feds have limitless resources. Anyone who tells you that you can get justice in America needs to be sent down to Worksafe. Justice in America is only available to the rich, and our justice system is run primarily for the benefit of lawyers and judges.

-- Kohring claims that the prosecution concealed over 6,000 pages of evidence in his case, much of it crucial, citing the decision by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals to throw out the original verdict in the spring of 2011. He also cited the criminal investigation of several of the prosecutors over withheld evidence to further support his contentions.

-- Kohring also reveals that his ex-wife, Tatiana, views our FBI as nearly as bad as the KGB of the former Soviet Union, from where she emigrated nearly 20 years ago. This reveals that there's probably little acrimony over the divorce. No one knows why they divorced, and it's none of our business unless Kohring chooses to disclose it. But Vic Kohring has finally figured out what people like Norm Olson and Schaeffer Cox already knew -- that the FBI are nothing more than highly-paid Zogbots.

Kohring didn't address his ongoing suit against Bill Allen, filed in June 2011. He's suing Allen for defamation, intentional infliction of emotional distress and damage to business and personal reputations. The suit claims that Allen intentionally made false statements about Kohring to the FBI and the public. As a result, Kohring suffered the loss of his reputation, career, family, shame, mortification, and injury to his person, and life in general as his freedom was taken away for a full year, which plaintiff can never get back for which defendants should be held liable. He is requesting a judgment of $100,000.

Otherwise, Vic Kohring is prepared to move on, put closure to this, and stop fighting a battle that he now knows he was destined to lose in the final analysis regardless of the facts, evidence and strength of his case. I never really got the same negative vibes from Kohring as I did from Pete Kott and John Cowdery; while Kott seemed like an opportunistic hustler and and Cowdery a troglodyte with one foot in the grave, Kohring seemed like a straight-up guy who just allowed himself to get sucked in. It's good that he's telling his story, but I think his hopes of ever serving in elective office again are baseless.

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