Saturday, February 11, 2012

Coverage Of Kidnapped Anchorage Barista Samantha Koenig Goes National, Prominently Featured On The CNN Website; Hundreds Attend Anchorage Vigil

Note: All posts on Israel Keyes, ultimately discovered to be the murderer of Samantha Koenig, can be displayed simultaneously HERE in inverse chronological order.

Update April 2nd: Bad news -- the body of Samantha Koenig was found in Matanuska Lake. Updated post HERE.

The case of the kidnapped Anchorage barista Samantha Koenig has touched a nerve nationally. Today, the case received its most prominent national coverage yet when it was featured on CNN's U.S. page, including a portion of the flyer. Here's a screenshot of the CNN page:

Locally, a candlelight vigil for Samantha Koenig was scheduled in Anchorage's Town Square beginning at 6:30 P.M. on February 11th. At least 1,700 people had expressed their interest in attending based upon Facebook RSVPs. And the Anchorage Daily News reported that hundreds did show up (includes a video). KTVA Channel 11 reported that 500 people showed up, although some in attendance claimed lesser numbers:

On Wednesday February 8th, baristas in Fairbanks assembled for their own vigil. Here is the official flyer: -- In response to some public skepticism about the police investigation, police spokesman have repeatedly said that the video has not been released for two reasons. First, the video does not show the kidnapper's face, since the kidnapper took deliberate measures to avoid being captured on video. Second, there is also an evidentiary nature to those videos and they can be used later on in court; presenting the videos now could taint a prospective jury pool. From my experience, the Anchorage Police Department has never been reluctant to release videos or pictures showing suspects when their faces are visible, so we need to back off and let the cops do their job. Police have also been interviewing witnesses and report a sense of encouragement that they're making progress. Samantha's father James Koenig continues to play an active role in the search and speak out to the media. He says that the coffee stands are not safe for one person and that it might be more helpful for coffee stand owners to install an air horn. If a barista is threatened, she sounds the air horn, which more be more likely to scare off a prospective assailant. He also recommends a buddy system.

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  1. As an investigative journalist who has worked with law enforcement in the past in investigating satanic/cult related crime, I am wondering if the kidnapping somehow ties in with the occult nature of the date on which she was abducted. Imbolc, a satanic ritual date (Feb 1-2) requires a human sacrifice at this time. Young women are in high demand for such sacrifices.Many abductions and disappearances ocur around dates of cult rituals annually.I sincerely hope this was not the case. If so, she will never be found.-PRS