Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Jesus Christ Was Not A Pot-Smoking Hippie Who Spent 33 Years Nodding And Smiling And Passing Out Loaves, Fishes, And Doobies To The Multitudes

Here we go again. Another letter-writer to the Anchorage Daily News is promoting the Jesus-was-a-hippie idea.

In a letter entitled "Contrary to modern concerns, Jesus didn't say much on sexuality", Anchorage resident George Gilson expresses disagreement with Jim Minnery's December 29th Compass piece opposing the proposed gay nondiscrimination initiative to appear on the Anchorage Municipal Election ballot to be presented on April 3rd, 2012. Gilson at least avoids the sin of inflating the numbers of gays in society; he suggests that they constitute only 4 percent of the population, as opposed to the popular 10 percent figure echoed by a Kinsey study that relied too much on input from prison inmates.

But then he spoils it by promoting the tired old Jesus-was-a-hippie mentality. He talks about how Jesus was forgiving and non-judgmental, which is part true. He noted how Jesus made a point of associating with unpopular and marginalized segments of society such as the poor, lepers, tax collectors, and prostitutes. But his portrait of Jesus is one-dimensional and distorted. So I posted the following comment to educate him (and the rest of the public) further:

Riddle me this, George. How do you know Jesus didn't have a lot to say about sexuality? Were you there? Did CNN have a reporter embedded within His entourage? Do you believe the four synoptic gospels recorded every single word uttered by Jesus during his 33-year lifespan?

If Jesus didn't say much about sexuality, perhaps it's because the issue is amply addressed elsewhere in the Bible. Try Leviticus 18:22 and Romans 1:26-27 for starters. Remember, He came not to destroy the law, but to fulfill it.

Unfortunately, you paint a distorted picture of Jesus being a pot-smoking hippie who spent 33 years nodding and smiling while endlessly passing out loaves, fishes, and doobies to the multitudes. The real Jesus also had another side. According to Matthew 23, He condemned the Pharisees and Sadducees as being hypocrites and vipers, of their father the devil. And when he encountered moneychangers in His temple, Matthew 21:12 tells us that Jesus didn't exactly turn the other cheek; instead, he pulled out a whip and parted their cheeks with it. My kind of Savior.

Read the whole Bible and get the complete picture about Jesus Christ. And if that's not enough for you, also consider reading the Book of Mormon, another witness for Christ.

As a matter of fact, there are other instances in the Bible which show that Jesus had a human side (after the jump):

-- Luke 2:49 tells us that after Mary and Joseph frantically searched for the 12-year-old Jesus for three days and found Him at the temple, Jesus curtly dismissed them, saying "How is it that ye sought me? Wist ye not that I must be about my Father’s business?" Had I talked smack like that to my folks, I would have been grounded for a week -- at the very least.

-- Mark 5:25-34 tells us that Jesus could be occasionally disconcerted by someone who sought healing. A woman with an issue of blood for 12 years touched His garment and was instantly healed. Jesus' first reaction -- he was disconcerted by the feeling that virtue had gone out of him. But He quickly recovered and blessed the woman, reaffirming the healing.

-- Matthew 20:1-16 tells us that Jesus was not a fan of hourly wages. In the Parable of the Workers in the Vineyard, all workers were paid a penny for their day's labor regardless of how many hours they worked during the day. Just imagine if Anchorage AFL-CIO leader Vince Beltrami had been there; he would have sent union goons to picket Jesus.

-- John 8:1-30 tells us that when Jesus forgave the adulteress, He did NOT overrule the secular authorities. After He shamed the authorities into walking away and abandoning their prosecution, He noted that the woman's accusers were no longer present to condemn her. So He reaffirmed their judgment and also chose not to condemn her, once again showing that his purpose was not to destroy the law, but to fulfill it.

So even though Jesus Christ lived a sinless life, He definitely had a human side. He experienced and displayed the full range of human emotions. How could He still be sinless? Because He had no guile or hidden agenda; He never sinned against the light. Sinning in ignorance is readily accepted and forgiven by the powers of heaven, which is why those who do not get to hear the gospel while on earth get a chance to hear it in the spirit world, and ordinances are performed on their behalf in earthly temples. It is sinning against the light that requires repentance before forgiveness.

Nope, Jesus Christ was definitely NOT a pot-smoking hippie who spent his whole life handing out gimmedats.


  1. So are you saying that Jesus did not address it because it was already in the Bible? The Bible was not written while Jesus was alive, so he could not reference "issues already address." Additionally, have you ever taken a class on the history of the writing of the Bible? it is actually a very interesting history book. While you are right, George was not there while Jesus was alive, however we have an account of the things he did and said (it is called the Bible) and I think if Jesus had some something important about sexuality it would be in one of those accounts. Furthermore, there is one thing that Jesus would support and it is providing equal protection for all, you can dislike the sin, but still offer compassion, understanding and respect for the sinner.

  2. You need to keep in mind that that was then and this is now.In this life I was not afforded the memory of who I was untill Y.2.K.consequently I lived my life as an ordinary citizen.As such. I made some very bad decisions along with some good.There was a reason why I was put in this life.So I would not be so harsh on my families this time around.Yes to drug use,yes to wife and child.No to any thing I knew in my previos life.
    M moore aka jesus christ

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