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Is Federal Snitch Gerald Olson Trying To Implicate Alaska Citizens Militia Leader Norm Olson In The Schaeffer Cox Case?

On January 20th, 2012, Alaska Dispatch published an article discussing an interview with Alaska Citizens Militia leader Norm Olson earlier this week about developments in the Schaeffer Cox case. Apparently there is scuttlebutt spreading that one of the Fed's two snitches in the case, Gerald Olson, is trying to not only implicate Norm Olson in the case, but to also imply that Norm Olson may roll on Cox in order to discredit Olson within the militia community. The fact that the Feds are apparently preparing to present new evidence and request additional indictments from a grand jury on January 23rd, combined with the passage of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), exacerbate Olson's concern. Update: On January 23rd, a superseding indictment was presented in U.S. District Court in Anchorage, and Cox pleaded not guilty.

Background: Gerald Olson is the "dirty" snitch in the case, having made three felony charges go away in exchange for his cooperation. Despite defrauding numerous customers, he ended up pleading guilty only to second-degree theft, and got probation. In contrast, William Fulton, who formerly owned Drop Zone Security, is the "clean" snitch, facing no charges, but who suddenly disappeared from view after the initial arrests of the Schaeffer Cox crew in March 2011. What's even more intriguing about Fulton is that he was under Federal control in October 2010 at the time of the famous Tony Hopfinger incident during a Joe Miller campaign appearance in Anchorage; this has triggered speculation that the Feds may have encouraged Fulton to deliberately stage a provocation to sabotage Miller's Senate campaign and deliver the November victory to Lisa Murkowski.

Alaska Dispatch refers to a warning sent out by Norm Olson to other militia followers on January 11th addressing these concerns. Further research reveals that this was in the form of two separate messages posted on their forum. The first message was posted at 11:35 A.M. on January 11th:

Schaeffer Cox is facing additional federal charges involving "conspiracy to murder."!! The feds will present their "evidence" before the grand jury on the 23rd. It will be the 3rd time that the feds have added new "evidence" and have gone to the grand jury for additional indictments.

Also heard that JR Olson (Confidential Informant who wore a wire for the feds in trade for making his own 3 pending felonies "go away") has implicated me, claiming he has an audio tape of a phone call to me (or from me?) about Schaeffer. I am alleged to have urged Schaeffer to avoid arrest and prosecution by going into hiding and becoming a fugitive. I wouldn't be surprised to get a visit from the feds. They'll probably have "conspiracy to aid and abet a fugitive" or "hampering a federal investigation" or some such BS to charge me with.

From what I can put together, the new "evidence" is based entirely on audio tapes. I believe that the federals have resorted to manufacturing evidence from parts of normal conversation. The feds are hungry and are itching for a showdown. They don't seem to understand the law of unintended consequences.

I do think it is interesting that the federals may be "casting the net" over a wider group of patriots. This, together with the federal's authorization to arrest without warrant or cause does give me pause...

Later in the same thread, Olson notes that the information he received is from reliable sources on Schaeffer's defense team. Obviously, Schaeffer Cox has a much better defense team than did Edgar Steele.

The second message was posted at 6:30 P.M. on the same day. Here's the pertinent part:

I want everyone to know that I have, and still do, and will continue to support Schaeffer Cox 100%. Nothing will change that. I will NOT become a Judas against him, regardless of the false evidence that may be created by the feds.

It may be, repeat MAY BE, that the federals are trying to drive a wedge between me and my good friend Schaeffer. Some unusual things are going on around me, with people I know, and crimes that have taken place that I'm being accused of. The latest BS concerning JR ("Gerald") Olson and the alleged link between him and me are absolutely bogus.

Please do not give any credence to the rumors that I assisted in any way Schaeffer's arrest.

From these two messages, Norm Olson has made two things quite clear:

(1). He did NOT urge Schaeffer Cox to avoid arrest and prosecution by going into hiding and becoming a fugitive.

(2). He does NOT intend to roll over on Cox; he will continue to support him 100 percent.

The possibility that the Feds will base much of their case on audio tapes means that Schaeffer Cox's defense team must be prepared to challenge the authenticity of the tapes, and they need to line up some audio experts with experienced resumes. They must be prepared for the possibility that the prosecution will use every strategem to exclude any audio experts from testifying in Cox's behalf. The Edgar Steele case also revolved somewhat around audiotapes, and Steele's defense team engaged two experts, former New York City detective Dennis Walsh and George Papcun, who holds a PhD in acoustic phonetics and whose resume showed work on the Jon Benet Ramsey trial, to challenge the tapes' authenticity. But Assistant U.S. Attorney Traci Whelan convinced Judge Lynn Winmill to reject them. Later in the trial, Judge Winmill changed his mind about George Papcun, but imposed conditions logistically impossible for Papcun to meet, requiring him to travel from Bora Bora to Boise, ID in less than 24 hours. Obviously, Papcun could not meet that requirement, and so could not testify.

Naturally, Steele was convicted, and subsequently sentenced to 50 years in prison. The snitch in that case who actually planted the bomb, Larry Fairfax, got a 27-month wrist slap. There was barely a pretense of justice in the Steele case, and not even a pretense of justice in the Schaeffer Cox case. It's glaringly obvious that the Feds want to destroy and bury the Schaeffer Cox crew.

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