Saturday, December 31, 2011

Residents Of Juneau, Alaska Donate A Record-Setting $49,000 To The Salvation Army In 2011, But Pro-Gay Activists Whine About The Organization's "Homophobia"

The Juneau Empire reports that residents of Alaska's capital opened up their hearts -- and their wallets -- to the Salvation Army big time in 2011. They donated a record-setting $49,000, nearly doubling last year's $28,000 total. It's true that the Salvation Army did provide more opportunities, placing 10 more kettles around town than in previous years, and manning the stations until 7 P.M. instead of 5 P.M. during the holidays, but the increase in donations far outstrips the increase in deployment. All donations are retained and used within Juneau.

Not impressed? Think $49,000 is chump change? Juneau only has 31,275 people (2010 census), so that averages out to around $1.57 per head. Yet the celebratory occasion has been spoiled by a couple of people, either pro-gay activists or homosexuals, who posted derogatory comments about the Salvation Army's so-called "homophobia" to the Empire story. One person, Haole, posted a link designed to portray the Salvation Army as "homophobic", when it clearly isn't. Then another person, Jo MacNamara, posted the following drivel:

Thank you for that link.

The bell ringers are a nuisance and annoying. This is one holiday tradition I wish would die.

And, in light of the link haole posted above, I agree. There are better causes to donate to.

Even though the Army does good things, they still have that underlying homophobic message: "Yes, we love gay people...but gays are still inferior and unworthy of full membership of our church unless they repent for how God made them inferior."

When Jesus said "love one another" I think he meant everyone, and to accept them as they are. True love is unconditional.

Gays do not need to be repentant of how God made them.

Imagine that. We Americans have literally bent over backwards for gays, passing nondiscrimination ordinances in city after city, extending hate crime protection to them, allowing them access to our kids through Gay-Straight Clubs in our public schools, and ending Don't Ask Don't Tell in the military. We've even legalized gay marriage in six states, and one state, California, now mandates teaching gay history in their public schools. Yet despite all these measures, we're still considered homophobic, and churches which still declare homosexuality to be a sin are relentlessly attacked by these people.

But if Haole and Jo MacNamara had gone to the Salvation Army for assistance, they wouldn't have been asked about their sexual orientation; they'd merely be asked to certify their need.

We don't have to take this abuse lying down. On April 3rd, 2012, Anchorage voters get the opportunity to weigh in on a gay nondiscrimination initiative. Because of those two comments in the Empire, I now intend to vote No. By voting No, we can send a message to the gay community that there are limits to our tolerance; they need to simply STFU, be gay, and quit dumping their drama and angst upon a society that's sick and tired of hearing about it. Voting No will also derail any prospective efforts to use the initiative as a Trojan horse to legalize gay marriage in Alaska. I also recommend reading Jim Minnery's ADN Compass piece entitled "Measure would harm religious freedom" for more justification for a No vote.

Another more proactive measure we can take is to make a special donation to the Salvation Army to show that we really don't care what the gay community thinks about it. One commenter suggested that measure in the Empire, and I think it's a damn good idea. Donation methods are spelled out HERE.


  1. You're right -- brain fart on my part. Post now corrected.

  2. Then pass Proposition 5 and stop saying how tolerant we "regular" people are.