Friday, December 02, 2011

Alaska RINO Senator Lisa Murkowski Endorses Mitt Romney For Republican Presidential Nomination, May Drive Conservatives Away From Romney

On December 2nd, 2011, Republican Presidential nominee Mitt Romney picked up an endorsement which is clearly from the "RINO" wing of the Republican Party. Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski has awarded Romney her endorsement, and Murkowski's power in the U.S. Senate is steadily growing. Her most prestigious committee assignment is as the ranking Republican on the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee. So the endorsement carries some weight.

The full details are published in this official press release:

Mitt Romney: “I am proud to announce the support of Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski. I look forward to working with her to expand Alaska’s energy production, bring jobs back to the state, and help get our country on the right track again.”

Lisa Murkowski: “Mitt Romney has had the lifelong experiences needed to turn around our economy. Whether it was his ability to turn around the Massachusetts economy or turn around businesses in the private sector, Mitt Romney has demonstrated the leadership that we need in the White House to get the country on the right track. He has also laid out a plan to get our country on the path toward energy independence. Mitt Romney understands the importance of Alaska as a leader in our country’s energy production and I look forward to working with him on such an important economic and national security matter.”

Murkowski becomes the second Alaska politico to endorse Mitt Romney, joining Lt. Gov. Mead Treadwell. Thus Murkowski decided to overlook Romney's reputation for flip-flopping, and Romney decided to overlook the manner in which Murkowski won re-election, in which she effectively bought another six-year term with the help of Native corporations. Congressman Don Young has yet to make a choice; however, in August 2008, Ron Paul endorsed Young for re-election, so don't be surprised at an eventual quid pro quo.

The Weekly Standard reports that Romney also picked up two more endorsements today; former Iowa Governor Robert Ray, who has a reputation for being a moderate, and former Missouri U.S. Senator John Danforth. Danforth's endorsement could be useful in helping voters overcome their fear of or hostility towards a Mormon President; he's offered to help speak out about the subject of Mormonism. Politico's not particularly impressed; they note that these are not exactly high-profile conservative validators for the height of the Republican primary season.

Alaskans are not too impressed; support for Ron Paul may increase. From various Alaska media sources come these comments:

muzungu December 2nd 11:45 A.M (Anchorage Daily News):
Oh boy, what a surprise --- the kneejerk pro-status-quo, pro-everything-Establishment Lisa "Daddy, I want a Senate seat!" Murkowski has endorsed the most rabidly pro-status-quo of all the Republican presidential candidates. Color me unsurprised. That woman, and her chosen candidate, represents EVERYTHING that is wrong with American politics today --- a blinkered, power-pandering, self-interested, public-be-damned, short-sighted devotion to furthering the interests of the corrupt and sociopathic financial and political elite above all else.

Now, if she REALLY wanted to represent honest "hope and change" that was truly in the public's best interests, she would have endorsed the ONLY Republican candidate with honesty, integrity and a commitment to the public good, and who understands the current financial and monetary problems facing this country, as well as the need to end these imperialistic, unnecessary, self-destruction wars of choice and aggression: Ron Paul.

TheManWhoShotLibertyValance December 2nd 11:05 A.M. (Fairbanks Daily News-Miner):
A RINO endorsing a RINO. That ensures I will not be voting for Romney

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  1. Senator Murkowski is a below-average Republican and should be voted out.

    Alaska is a conservative red Republican state with a CPVI of R+13 The average HeritageActionScorecard for Republican Senators from R+13 states is 67% and nationally the average rating is 75%

    Senator Murkowski's rating is a poor 50%, well below both averages.

    Alaska can DO better. Alaska DESERVES better. Alaskans should find a better candidate to unseat this rogue RINO. Learn more