Thursday, November 17, 2011

Former Anchorage Assembly Candidate Kendra Taber Facing Eviction From Mobile Home For Nonpayment Of Space Rent, But Taber Insists She Has Receipts

While visiting the Alaska Citizens Militia website, I found a message posted by militia leader Norm Olson that was disturbing. Seventy-one year old Kendra Taber, who ran unsuccessfully for the Anchorage Assembly in April 2011, is facing eviction from her mobile home at Forest Park Trailer Court for nonpayment of space rent, although Taber insists she has receipts proving payment. Here is the pertinent part of Olson's post:

Kendra lives in her own mobile home on a lot owned by Michael Farley of Anchorage. The property is managed by Jim Hoff Property Management out of Wasilla. Todd Timmermans is the legal mouthpiece representing Michael Farley. The property manager who keeps the books (or cooks them) claims that this elderly woman has not paid rent on the property. I've talked with Kendra and she assures me that she has paid stubs and receipts.

This is a great opportunity for the militia to get involved. Kendra is frightened that she will be evicted and that she will lose everything. She's frightened that the court might award the mobile home to the owner (to be sold) as payment for money allegedly owed.

It's a rather convoluted situation and I'm trying to get a handle it...

This is a side of Norm Olson that the Southern Poverty Law Center didn't bother to research before publishing their hit piece on him in their Summer 2010 Intelligence Report.

At the November 14th hearing, the judge decided to continue the case, which is documented in the Alaska Court System database as case no. 3AN-11-11885CI, until November 18th. Since Norm Olson admits the situation is convoluted, there could be much more to this than meets the eye. Nonetheless, the prospect of a 71-year-old woman being tossed out on the street during an Anchorage winter is unsettling, at best.

Two negative reviews of Hoff Property Management have been posted online:

By M 09/03/2010:
Steer clear of this couple, Holly and Jim Hoff. Terrible management service. Terrible care of tenants, terrible follow-up with repairs, and couldn't keep a renter in more than 6 months. I had 3 tenants break their lease within a year's time. Terrible attitude as well. Tried to blame me (the owner) and told me I was micro-managing them too much! Well, after a mutual parting (flew up from the Outside to fire them in person, then they refused to meet with me). Didn't even have an office to meet at anyway. It's been over a year now since I 'let them go' and now they are 'spamming me' with porn web links. Classy...

By annibel 08/14/2011:
These people are not property mangers, they are lazy and just want to get money for nothing. All they did for a friend of mine was collect rent via having it mailed to them. They did not in any way "manage" the property. Lawns,carpet, walls,windows, plumbing and much more were destroyed due to their lack of Managing the Property. Please if you are looking for proper Property Mgrs that will take care of your property as their own-go somewhere/anywhere else and save yourself 10s of thousands of $s in repairs.

Jim Hoff posted a rebuttal to one of the reviews HERE, in which he states "We have been recommended by a wide majority of our customers and will happily provide a lengthy list of references, or letters of reference". I could find no entries on this company in the BBB database.


  1. Stay clear of Ms Taber. Check out the charges against her on the AK Court System. Ask any cop or even animal control staff about her; violent and dangerous woman. She beat a nurse that came out to help her, it went to court and the poor nurse was too scared to testify against this woman. Elderly or not, she is scary. Been into her place to also assist her and had to leave to protect myself.

    1. I've found Ms. Taber to be bright and entertaining. She knows her stuff. I've worked with her a long time, and have never been afraid. I've heard the stories too. Now the nurse was "beaten"? It's like the telephone game the story keeps changing the longer it goes.

    2. Don't care how entertaining you find her to be. This women has a long, lengthy history with state protective services, APD and other authorities. Find the state RN and talk to her. Her stuff?? What is her background? Where was she educated? Might want to check her psych records. If you like people who are dysfunctional, blame all their problems on others, and are threatening harm to others, then by all means why don't you help her out. Feed her, pay her rent, clothe her, make sure she gets her medications and goes to her dr appointments. Good for you.