Friday, November 25, 2011

Alexander Tsiaras Presents Video Visualization Of Life From Conception To Birth

From The Blaze comes a video produced by Alexander Tsiaras, author of the book “From Conception to Birth: A Life Unfolds". It graphically shows the process of human progression, beginning by showing an egg being fertilized and ending by illustrating a baby’s actual birth. Throughout the clip, viewers see the full fetal development with explanations as to what is occurring at each critical phase. The actual sequence of fetal development begins at 2:05:

Perhaps pro-choicers who watch this video may now better understand why we pro-lifers consider unborn human life to be so sacred. We pro-lifers have made many political concessions throughout the years; we now accept the need for therapeutic abortion, which we define as abortion to save the life or preserve the fundamental health of the mother. Increasingly, we are also accepting abortion in the case of rape or incest despite the concern that it might appear to make the unborn baby pay for the sins of the father.

But we cannot and will not ever accept elective abortion, which has nothing to do with life or health.

The two leading pro-life political groups in Alaska are the Alaska Family Council and Alaska Right To Life. The latter bestows endorsements on political candidates who at least oppose elective abortion.

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