Saturday, October 22, 2011

FBI's 2011 National Gang Threat Assessment; 1.4 Million Gangbangers In Over 33,000 Gangs Nationwide, 61 Gangs In Alaska

See U.S. map HERE. Areas in grey have no known gang activity

On October 21st, 2011, the Federal Bureau of Investigation published their 2011 National Gang Threat Assessment. They estimate there are 1,415,578 people active in 33,278 street, prison and outlaw motorcycle gangs across the country, and despite the fact that overall crime in the United States has continued to decline over the past three years, criminal gang membership increased as much as 40 percent during that time. Furthermore, the FBI also claims that gangs are responsible for 48 percent of violent crime, on average, in most jurisdictions.

Methdology: Information in the 2011 National Gang Threat Assessment-Emerging Trends was derived from law enforcement intelligence, open source information, and data collected from the NDIC, including the 2010 NDIC National Drug Threat Survey (NDTS). NGIC law enforcement partners provided information and guidance regarding new trends and intelligence through an online request for information via the NGIC Law Enforcement Online (LEO) Special Interest Group (SIG), which is now NGIC Online. In the footnotes, the FBI refers to Title 18 U.S.C. Section 521(a)(A), which defines criminal street gangs as ongoing groups, clubs, organizations, or associations of five or more individuals that have as one of their primary purposes the commission of one or more criminal offenses. They use this as their definition of a gang.

The FBI classifies gangs by five definitions, to include Street, Prison, Outlaw Motorcycle, One Percenters, and Neighborhood/Local. The latter are the most dominant group at 1,140,344, comprising 81 percent of the total number of gang members. The FBI also notes a particular upsurge in ethnic and race-based gang activity by Africans, Asians, Caribbeans, Latin Americans, and Eurasians.

Also of concern is an upsurge in gang activity in the U.S. military. Members of 51 different gangs served in all four branches of the U.S. military and the Coast Guard, overwhelmingly in the Army. Many street gang members join the military to escape the gang lifestyle or as an alternative to incarceration, but often revert back to their gang associations once they encounter other gang members in the military. Other gangs target the US military and defense systems to expand their territory, facilitate criminal activity such as weapons and drug trafficking, or to receive weapons and combat training that they may transfer back to their gang. Some gangs, particularly OMGs, actively recruit members with military training or advise members without criminal records to join the military for necessary weapons and combat training. Unfortunately, groups like the Southern Poverty Law Center have focused only upon white supremacists in the military, and have completely ignored the presence of street gang members.

Many illegal aliens also join the military at the behest of gangs in order to get citizenship in addition to the skills necessary to facilitate criminal enterprises. In addition, Michael Cutler points out that transnational gang members have a capability unavailable to native-born U.S. citizen gang members -- the ability to flee from the United States when they believe that either law enforcement or their criminal competitors are getting close to them. Frequently they escape the long arm of the law by making use of the trap-door that is afforded them because they can return to their home countries where extradition back to the United States is unlikely or, depending on their country of citizenship, may even be impossible.

Gang Activity In Alaska: Some background first. In July 2009, the Anchorage Police Department documented 125 suspected gangs, 354 validated gang members and about 2,400 suspected associates in Anchorage. The Winter 2011 Alaska Justice Forum report indicated that there were at least 200 known gang members in Fairbanks; demographically, 56 percent were Black, 21 percent White, 8 percent Alaska Native, and 5 percent Hispanic. At least 12 different gangs were reported; Crips, Bloods, and Gangster Disciples accounted for 94 percent of law enforcement contacts with gang members.

Appendix A of the FBI report contains a list of gangs broken down by state. Here's their list for Alaska showing 61 different gangs (after the jump):

  • 50150 Crips
  • 88 Street Crips
  • Almighty Latin King Nation
  • Almighty Vice Lord Nation
  • Altadena Crip Gangster
  • American Front
  • Aryan Brotherhood
  • Baby Hamo Tribe
  • Black Gangster Disciples
  • Blackwood Mafia
  • Chaos Drama Family
  • Combat Crips
  • Compton Swamp Crips
  • Deuce
  • Faceside Bloods
  • Fam Bam
  • Franklin Family Piru
  • Fresno Bulldogs
  • Full Time Criminals
  • Gangster Disciples
  • Goonies For Life
  • Hamo Tribe
  • Hells Angels MC
  • Hmong Nation Society
  • Hollow Tip Crew
  • Iceberg Clique
  • Juvenile Delinquents
  • Korrupt(ed) Crew
  • Laos Oriental Soldiers
  • Laotian Blood Killers
  • Laotian Thugz
  • Locc Down Crips
  • Loco Latin Crips
  • Los Malditos
  • MS-13
  • Member of Blood
  • Menace of Destruction
  • Mongolian Boys Society
  • Mountain View Crips
  • Murder Mob
  • Northside Damu
  • Outlawz
  • Peckerwoods
  • Real ‘Bout It Individuals
  • Royal Samoan Posse
  • Samoan Dynasty
  • Sons of Samoa
  • Soulja Crew
  • Southside Mesa
  • Sureños
  • The Family
  • The Low Lifes
  • Tiny Rascals Gang
  • Tongang Crip Gang
  • Top Notch Ballers
  • Uso 4 Life
  • Uso Squad
  • Westside City Crips
  • Westside Inland Empire Projects
  • Yellow Oriental Troop
  • Young Gangsta Niggas


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  11. The History of the People of The United States. Best book ever written. Shows how racism was invented, and why poor people fight each other, instead of banding together and making life better for all of us. Some of these gang members should read it, and recognize, were all pawns in some rich man's sick game. End hood on hood violence, I know I'm off topic, but, we have to find the roots of all this madness, and the cure for this disease is education. And, yes, I was in a gang, I've seen to many people put away forever,in prison, and in the dirt, and I'm tired of it. A concerned citizen.

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  22. Im from anchorage and the only gang i remember was called the nelchina clique

  23. Im from anchorage and the only gang i remember was called the nelchina clique

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