Thursday, October 06, 2011

Did "Occupy Wall Street" Disavow MoveOn.Org? Occupy Anchorage Rally Attracts 100 Participants

The neocons who dominate the conservative movement are waging an all-out propaganda campaign to discredit the Occupy Wall Street movement. The Glenn Beck Propaganda Machine on The Blaze is deliberately presenting videos of fringe participants to portray the Occupy Wall Street movement as a bunch of neo-Communist kooks all dancing and swaying to the Obamessiah. One video shows a black woman demanding "affordable broccoli", and another video shows a man denouncing Jewish control of Wall Street (not necessarily "fringe", but neocons characterize any criticism of Jews as "anti-Semitic"). Many neocons have also used expressions of support for the Occupation by George Soros, Michael Moore, Susan Sarandon, and to try to further discredit Occupy Wall Street.

But Occupy Wall Street may be fighting back, and at least one participant has apparently disavowed, as indicated by this poster I found published on Nimbusters.

I tracked this back to a post on The Daily Bail. On #OWS Twitter, Glenn Greenwald referred to it saying "Without endorsing this sign, my guess is that ongoing efforts to co-opt #OWS will be met with sentiments like this one." However, there is no official reference to this poster on the website, so the poster could be the independent product of one participant. As of 24 hours before this post, MoveOn was planning to officially join this protest. It would certainly help the credibility of the Occupation if they would publicly warn outside groups against trying to hijack their cause.

Meanwhile, Occupy Wall Street reached Alaska. A group called Occupy Anchorage suddenly organized on Sunday October 2nd. Three days later, on October 5th, they put 100 activists into Town Square. Brian MacMillan, a 45-year-old National Park Service employee who started the Occupy Anchorage Facebook page, and one of the coordinators for Wednesday's event, said the activists had come from all walks of life, from university students to libertarians to older people. The Anchorage Daily News has a photo gallery HERE. MacMillan speaks out on the video embedded below:

Occupy Anchorage: Wall Street protest arrives in Anchorage from Kyle on Vimeo.

Occupy Anchorage plans their next event on Saturday October 8th at 3:00 P.M. in front of the Performing Arts Center at 621 W. 6th Avenue in downtown Anchorage.

Don't buy off on the neocon spin that these are just a bunch of Commie hippies. While there is a strong and somewhat disproportionate leftist presence, Occupy Wall Street does represent a reasonable cross-section of America itself. To blow these people off as a bunch of Commie hippies risks driving them right into the arms of the George Soros/MoveOn cartel.

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