Sunday, September 18, 2011

Ron Paul Gets Almost 45 Percent Of Vote In Straw Poll At The 2011 California GOP Fall Convention

If anybody has any lingering doubts about the electability of Ron Paul as President of the United States, his reception at the 2011 Fall Convention of the California Republican Party held at the Marriott Hotel in downtown Los Angeles on September 17th, 2011 should eliminate them. When the votes were counted after a straw poll, Ron Paul had received nearly half of them. The Daily Paul estimates that up to 500 Ron Paul supporters were present (includes many comments from those who attended).

The specific numbers:

-- Ron Paul (374, 44.9%)
-- Rick Perry (244, 29.3%)
-- Mitt Romney (74, 8.8%)
-- Michele Bachmann (64, 7.7%)
-- Jon Huntsman (17, 2.0%)
-- Herman Cain (15, 1.8%)
-- Newt Gingrich (14, 1.7%)
-- Thad McCotter (7, 0.8%)
-- Rick Santorum (7, 0.8%)
-- Gary Johnson (2, 0.2%)
-- Fred Karger (1, 0.1%)
-- Write-ins (15, 1.8%)

Of course, the primary value of a straw poll is to show the strength of a candidate's organized support within a political party. In 2008, Paul won straw polls and scored big on money bombs, but was unable to transform that into mainstream support, At that time, he was somewhat of a tentative candidate. But this is 2012, and there's NOTHING tentative about Ron Paul this time. His commitment and determination are total -- he's not even planning to run for his U.S. House seat again. It's all or nothing.

Ron Paul spoke at length about the historic underpinnings of current economic problems, his issues with American foreign and domestic policies, his desire to audit the Federal Reserve, his opposition to bank bailouts, and his concern that some politicians are not upholding their oath to defend the Constitution. He received his strongest applause when he said that America's role is to have a strong national defense, not to be the policeman of the world. Ron Paul has previously stated that we have 900 military installations located in 130 countries around the world.

There are videos of Ron Paul's speech -- nine in all. The first one's embedded; links to the other eight are provided:

Part 1:

-- Part 2
-- Part 3
-- Part 4
-- Part 5
-- Part 6
-- Part 7
-- Part 8
-- Part 9

Meanwhile, over on the other side of the country, the "favorite son syndrome" took effect when Sen. Rick Santorum (R-PA) won the Pennsylvania Republican State Committee straw poll with 36 percent. In that poll, Ron Paul tied Jon Huntsman Jr. for fourth with 5 percent. But Santorum would be expected to do well in his own state. Some GOP leaders acknowledge that history shows that straw polls have little predictive value.

Ron Paul did well in a different state -- California, of all places. And a recent Reuters-Ipsos poll taken Sept. 8-12 shows that in head-to-head competition against Barack Obama, Ron Paul does better than all other declared Republican candidates except for Perry and Romney.

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