Monday, September 12, 2011

No Global Warming In Alaska In 2011 - The Last Frontier Had Its 39th Coolest Summer Out Of The Last 94

OMG! The sky was falling in August 2011 when the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) reported that sea ice in the Arctic Ocean hit the lowest monthly recorded level for July in more than three decades of record-keeping. Sea ice covered an average of 3 million square miles (8 million square kilometers) during July, the lowest measurement for that month since NOAA started tracking those figures in 1979. The figure is 81,000 square miles smaller than 2007's previous July record low and about 22 percent below the average for the month.

Park the Escalades and the Hummers! Fire up the Priuses and the Volts!

But now, Alaska Dispatch reports that although the United States as a whole just sweltered through the second-warmest summer on record, somehow we Alaskans missed it. To wit: Not only did Alaska officially experienced the 39th coolest summer out of the past 94, with statewide temperatures about 0.7 degrees Fahrenheit BELOW the 1971-2000 average, but for the entire year so far, temperatures have been almost exactly average, making 2011 only the 42nd warmest in the 94-year record so far.

Nope, the sky ain't falling here.

Furthermore, if you read the seasonal analysis by NOAA, you'll find that the overall results are distorted by an anomaly -- the persistent ridge that locked in over the South Central Plains and the Southwest. The associated subsidence superheated the air as it was pushed downward, creating the extreme surface temperatures. The six states most affected -- Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana –- all experienced their warmest August on record. This anomaly skewed the overall national results upward.

Those of us who are "Global Warming Deniers" do not actually deny that there has been a warming trend during the past 10 years or so. Instead, we dispute the projections, as well as the amount of the contribution by human activity. The great god Science projects that warming will continue upward at a constant rate until the world spontaneously combusts. Any dissension is looked upon as heresy and apostasy. They demand humans accept intrusive, invasive, and expensive assaults on their freedoms and lifestyles to "stop" this global warming simply on the basis of faith in Science alone. And there's no real guarantee that it will stop.

But the fact that Alaska had its 39th coolest summer on record shows that the trend upward is NOT consistent, and that the effects are variable around the world. Pressure systems are migratory and can create local and regional distortions. Some dissident scientists even speculate that shifts in the magnetic poles, either in location or in polarity, could contribute towards global warming. All we ask is that all possible contributing factors be explored before squandering billions and billions of dollars on abatement measures such as cap-and-trade that could leave us less competitive economically while developing nations like China and India would be exempt from such measures. Oh, and how about that Obama-backed "green" company that filed for bankruptcy? California solar panel manufacturer Solyndra abruptly closed its Fremont, CA factory and immediately laid off more than 1,100 employees on August 31st despite $535 million in guarantees from the stimulus funds.

By the way, here's a question. If we have a prolonged power outage lasting several days, how do we drive those Priuses and Volts? There would be NO electricity available to charge them up.

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