Saturday, September 17, 2011

Josh Romney Visits Fairbanks, Alaska To Talk Up Mitt Romney's Presidential Agenda

Although Mitt Romney hasn't visited Alaska himself yet during this election cycle, he's mindful of our state, since he won the Republican caucuses here in 2008 and now finds himself running second behind media heartthrob Rick Perry. So he dispatched one of his five sons, Josh Romney, to visit the Last Frontier. It's not Josh's first visit to Alaska; he came here just over four years ago on September 15th, 2007, almost to the day. He's also visited on two other occasions.

On September 16th, Josh Romney showed up in Fairbanks to pitch his father's message to the voters. Thirty Republicans showed up at Denny's Restaurant, and Josh reminded them that his father was able to balance the budget as governor of Massachusetts, transforming a $3 billion deficit into a surplus. Of course, he also reiterated Mitt Romney's favorite tag line about how his first official act as president would be to issue an executive order to create waivers for states to opt out of Obamacare. Romney doesn't oppose Obamacare in principle -- he simply opposes a federal mandate.

Josh Romney also connected further with his Fairbanks audience by emphasizing how his father would be looking to increase oil production in Alaska while also looking at alternative energy sources for the future. He acknowledged that Alaska plays a huge role in America's energy independence. Josh also noted how his father believes that the U.S. needs to finish the fence on the Mexican border, and get rid of some of the magnets that are attracting illegal immigrants to the U.S. like health care and education opportunities. During his speech to the Republican National Hispanic Committee on September 2nd, Mitt Romney also expressed his support for an employment verification system that is both reliable and secure, and his opposition to in-state tuition rates to illegal immigrants. He also favors allowing state and local cops to enforce existing immigration laws.

Since his 2007 visit to Alaska, Josh Romney weighed political ambitions of his own. He briefly flirted with the idea of running against Congressman Jim Matheson (D-UT) in 2008, but decided the prospects of victory were too slim (Republican Bill Dew ultimately got crushed by Matheson in the general election). And in 2009, he briefly mulled over the prospect of running for lieutenant governor of Utah, but backed down.

Mitt Romney would undoubtedly make a good president, and if he becomes the Republican nominee, I will support him. But until that time, I'm supporting a better candidate -- Ron Paul. Ron Paul wants to return the federal government to its organic functions so it will quit usurping and replicating the functions of state governments. Ron Paul also wants to stop planting flags all over the world and return the military to its primary constitutional role of national defense. Would Mitt Romney have the courage to dismantle the oppressive federal civil rights bureaucracy and return that function to the states? Would Mitt Romney have the courage to withdraw our troops from so many locations all over the world and place some of them on our southern border? Time will tell.

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