Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Forgotten Immigrant: Utah State Rep. Chris Herrod Illustrates How Illegal Immigration Discriminates Against Legal Immigrants

Utah State Rep. Chris Herrod wrote a book entitled "The Forgotten Immigrant - How Tolerating Illegal Immigration Hurts Immigrants", in which he lays out a case for how illegal immigration has actually discriminated against legal immigrants. The book’s basic premise is that illegal immigration is especially unfair to those who are working through legal means to come to the United States, many of whom will be rejected. He finds it offensive that so many U.S. leaders take a casual attitude toward illegal immigration while many people in repressive countries around the world more deserving of immigration are not allowed in through the legal process. Rep. Herrod also takes strong issue with those who advocate “compassion” for illegal immigrants, arguing that such compassion is highly misplaced and discriminates against those who try to use legal means to become U.S. citizens. He explains it in the video embedded below, which is relevant to all of us even though he's from Utah:

Rep. Herrod has led the charge to get the controversial Utah HB116 guest worker bill repealed, and has written his own bill to get it done. Opponents of HB116 believe it could lead to amnesty for illegal aliens and protect cheap labor for businesses. Delegates to the Utah State GOP Convention passed a non-binding resolution in favor of repeal back in June.

Below are screenshots of some of the graphics in the video. The first two show how immigration has become disproportionately Mexican between 1970-2000:

These stats are for Utah only, but are representative of other front-line states

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  1. this info is great! - i will pass it along - we have to change the conversation about illegals!