Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Anchorage Jury Finds Jessica Beagley Guilty Of One Count Misdemeanor Child Abuse; Alternate Juror Thought Beagley Was Playing Up To Dr. Phil

Twenty-four hours after receiving the case, an Anchorage jury of three men and three women found Anchorage "hot sauce" mom Jessica Beagley guilty of one count misdemeanor child abuse on August 23rd, 2011. It appears the jury was more impressed by Beagley's efforts to get on Dr. Phil's program than by the Office of Children's Services' finding of "no abuse". Beagley will be sentenced on August 29th; she faces a maximum of one year in prison and a $10,000 fine. It's likely the judge will offer a deal to suspend any fine and jail time in exchange for Beagley accepting a court-approved program of counseling as a substitute. KTUU Channel 2 also has a story.

Anchorage municipal prosecutor Cynthia Franklin explained that it was the fact that Beagley had videotaped the discipline in order to get on television that encompassed abuse, and not necessarily the method of discipline. That, of course, is strictly a subjective judgment call, and it's too bad the jury fell for it.

KTVA Channel 11 interviewed one of the alternate jurors after the trial, and she said that had she been part of the primary jury, she would have also voted guilty. She said it seemed Beagley used the hot sauce and cold showers to get airtime on television. The alternate said that if Beagley was truly concerned about the boy’s well being, she should have sought help in Anchorage, not on a national talk show. But she conceded that Beagley was capable of being a good mother.

Beagley's defense lawyer William Ingaldson reacted, saying "The way the law is written ... makes it really difficult for a parent to discipline your kids and not be subject to other people's subjective ideas of what is right or wrong". KTVA news video now available:

Neither Jessica nor her husband Gary had any comment as they left the courtroom. Questions now remain as to what action, if any, the Russian government might seek to take. Russia considers its expatriate adoptees to be Russian citizens until they reach 18 years of age, and in January, Tony Astakhov, an assistant to Russia's Commissioner of Children's Rights, hinted that his government might seek to repatriate the Russian twins if Beagley was convicted. However, Andrey Bondarev, a representative of the Russian Consulate in Seattle, subsequently traveled to Anchorage to visit the Beagleys, and said he didn't see any reason to remove the boys from the Beagleys' home, noting that all of the six Beagley children looked well and that Beagley promised she would never again punish the boy with her previous extreme measures.

I'll bet Casey Anthony is thankful she didn't get this jury.


  1. This woman Jessica Beagley is obviously a monster. Look in her eyes - all you see is an empty, angry shell. This woman does not have a soul.

    I spent part of my childhood with a mormon family like the Beagleys. They used these techniques. They also used object rape, starvation, and belt whippings when they simply wanted to vent their rage on us. I cringe to imagine what the Beagleys don't show the outside world. I can't believe the local government hasn't removed all children from this home. At least the jury got the verdict right.

  2. Anonymous 8:24 AM: Sorry that you had a bad experience with a Mormon family, however, such experiences are atypical.

    I also believe it unlikely that there were other abuses. The Beagleys have endured exhaustive public scrutiny during the past 10 months; both OCS and a Russian envoy found nor evidence of additional abuse. If there was additional abuse, it would have come out by now.

  3. We have a non 17 year old Attachment Disorder Spectrum child from an eastern block country. Disciplining an AD child is much different than an ordinary child. We have 4 older well adjusted children, who received a few spankings and the same discipline as our adopted son but AD requires different therapy.
    Sometimes you wonder if they have a conscience or a soul. They cannot feel empathy and minimal compassion. Life is all about them as early on they had to decide who they could trust to meet their needs and the answer become no one but themselves. They are extremely narcissistic.
    We can totally understand her frustration. Unless you have lived it, do your research before being so quick to judge. It appears you are projecting your awful upbringing on this family assuming they do the same as was done to you.

  4. Old news, I know, but it's a travesty that this woman was not ordered a stay in prison for her despicable acts of abuse on this little boy. The shame is on the court system of Alaska as well as the mother and father. Unbelievable, simply unbelievable. Oh, and as to the other posts? I don't care, this was wanton, premeditated abuse. On a defenseless child. For publicity. And yes, as a parent I well know the challenges of raising special needs children. Abusing them is never a good solution. Never. ~smh~