Thursday, July 14, 2011

YouTube Video: Ron Paul's First 2012 Presidential Campaign Ad Proclaims Opposition To Raising The Debt Ceiling

Any lingering questions about the viability of Ron Paul's presidential campaign will be spiked by the campaign ad embedded below, his first of the new campaign. This is a professionally-produced piece in which Paul promotes his long-time opposition to raising the federal debt limit, and proclaims himself the one consistent opponent to hiking the debt ceiling. Already, some people are proclaiming it superior to any of his 2008 ads; one person commented on the YouTube channel that he's registering as a Republican just so he can vote for Ron Paul when the time comes.

The ad will begin airing on both broadcast and cable stations in Iowa and New Hampshire on Friday July 15th and are to run through next week. The campaign is spending more than $100,000 in each state, another sign that Ron Paul is going all out this time around. Other presidential candidates are spending at much lower levels so far, although Mitt Romney, Michelle Bachmann, and undeclared candidate Sarah Palin have also spoke out against raising the debt ceiling this week.

Unfortunately, Alaska's Congressional delegation is not completely on board with Ron Paul on this issue. Senator Mark Begich said not raising the debt ceiling would be "catastrophic", while Senator Lisa Murkowski said it would merely be "disastrous". However, the old Republican war horse, Don Young, said he's not convinced the sky will fall if the debt limit isn't increased. He added that spending cuts and reforms are needed, but noted that the country can't cut its way to prosperity. Begich and Murkowski fail to realize that Barack Obama's rhetoric about not being able to guarantee Social Security and disabled veterans' payments is just a scare tactic to bluff Congressional Republicans into raising the debt ceiling; Obama is merely using seniors and disabled veterans as pawns in political warfare.

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