Saturday, July 16, 2011

Turnabout Is Fair Play: Yukari Mihamae Gives A TSA Agent At Phoenix Airport A "Patdown", Faces Felony Sex Abuse Charges

Update July 19th: Yukari Mihamae will not face felony charges; the case has now been referred to Phoenix city prosecutors to determine if misdemeanor charges will be filed.

Update July 16th: Post updated with additional information from KMGH Channel 7 in Denver. A Facebook support site for Yukari Mihamae is now available:

When TSA agents sought to screen a woman preparing to board an aircraft at Phoenix's Sky Harbor International Airport around 3:30 P.M. on July 15th, 2011, the woman not only took exception to the TSA patdown, but decided to give TSA agent Barbara O'Toole a patdown of her own. KSAZ Channel 10 reports that Yukari Mihamae reportedly grabbed the left breast of a female TSA agent, twisting and squeezing it during the screening. KSAZ News video embedded below:

Video from KDVR Channel 31 in Denver available HERE but no longer embeddable.

Unfortunately for the 61-year-old Mihamae, described as a self-employed resident of Longmont, CO, TSA did not see the irony in that act. So Mihamae now faces a felony charge of sexual abuse; she's lucky she's not also charged with resisting arrest, since she struggled with the arresting officer briefly. If convicted, she may have to go on a sex offender registry. She's since been released from the Maricopa County Jail on her own recognizance. She told KMGH Channel 7 that since she is a journalist, she understands that people want answers. But she's been advised to keep her mouth shut until after she's talked with an attorney. Update July 19th: She won't face felony charges, but Phoenix city proesecutors are weighing possible misdemeanor charges.

KDVR provides a few more details. One of Miyamae's neighbors says that Miyamae travels about three days a week, and that he is 100-percent shocked that Miyamae is being charged for sexual assault. The implication is that this behavior is totally out of character for her. But this illustrates that ordinary mainstream Americans are reaching the breaking point in dealing with this increasingly oppressive society. Physical resistance is becoming more of an option.

TSA issued a statement saying, "TSA officers work every day to protect the traveling public, and the agency will not tolerate assaults against its workforce".

The public is lauding Yukari Mihamae as a hero. In KSAZ's comments section, at least two people have compared her to Rosa Parks. Free Republic proclaims her a hero.


  1. I'd like to see a picture of this TSA agent Barbara O'Toole

  2. The more people allow this kind of behavior (TSA's) to happen, the more it will happen. This has gone on for far too long and people are slowly beginning to fight back. That is something that needs to increase.
    I have been threatened by TSA to be thrown out of the airport I was in because I said (in a not very quiet way) that I not only didn't feel safer, but that I felt violated (by TSA).

    To those that consent, no injustice is done.

  3. The Tsa has to be very careful how it treads here... if it trys to say that it was an assault, then it will be used in other cases against them...