Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Ron Paul Proves He's A Serious Presidential Candidate, Will Not Seek Re-Election To U.S. House; Both Rand Paul And Robert Paul Express Approval

In 2008, many people were disappointed when Ron Paul suddenly wound down his presidential campaign long before the Republican National Convention. After a huge money bomb, he then diverted his campaign war chest to a successful re-election campaign to the U.S. House. But it spawned questions as to whether Ron Paul was ever truly serious about running for president in 2008.

Ron Paul has now preempted such questions for 2012. In an exclusive interview given to one of his his hometown newspapers, The Facts, Congressman Paul states that he will not be seeking another term for the District 14 seat, instead focusing exclusively on his quest for the presidency. “I felt it was better that I concentrate on one election,” Paul said. “It’s about that time when I should change tactics.” Paul said he will serve out his term through December 2012, though he acknowledged that he may miss some votes because of the presidential campaign. He said he would continue to provide constituent services, most of which can be rendered by his staff.

Ron Paul feels his chances for the 2012 Republican nomination are much better than in 2008, when he set fundraising records driven by the Internet. He has spent twice the amount of time in New Hampshire and Iowa this year than he did in 2008, and continues to articulate a consistent stance of limited government, reduced federal spending, individual liberties and a non-interventionist foreign policy. Unlike in 2008, Paul has consistently polled in the middle of the pack within striking range of frontrunners Mitt Romney and Sarah Palin, and has outpolled Tim Pawlenty, who was one of the first declared candidates. He is now climbing into double digits percentage-wise. More information about the Ron Paul campaign at the following link:


Analysis: While a Romney-Palin ticket would be the strongest opposition to Barack Obama at this point, there is the risk it would offer more hope than change. Mitt Romney is strongest among corporate conservatives, but those who seek support from the corporate community often become its captives. Sarah Palin is a noteworthy populist conservative, but one of her limitations has once again been exposed by Newsweek. In foreign affairs, both Romney and Palin tilt excessively towards Israel.

As a constitutional conservative, Ron Paul offers BOTH hope AND change. While the rest want merely to apply first aid to the country, Ron Paul wants to actually perform surgery. He even has the courage to question the validity of the national debt. This means following the example of Iceland and breaking the stranglehold of international bankers upon the American economy. Repudiation of the national debt deserves to be on the table. He also understands that for this to be effective, we must also cut discretionary spending.

Reaction: Highly positive reaction is posted on the Daily Paul. From one of Ron Paul's son, Robert Paul, who is running for the U.S. Senate from Texas:

Submitted by RobertPaul on Tue, 07/12/2011 - 14:19.
I am very proud of my father's record. As other people have said, I will miss his amazing floor speeches. What he has done for freedom is un-matched in his lifetime. I know he will make a great President. I am a little sad with this news, but it means we will have to work harder for freedom-minded leaders in Congress. I celebrate the Greatest Congressman ever and look forward to his presidency. - Robert Paul

Reaction also recorded from the other son, Senator Rand Paul (R-KY):

Rand's Statement on this Submitted by bobbyw24 on Tue, 07/12/2011 - 13:36.
“History will record the legislative record of Ron Paul as an extraordinary one – perhaps unparalleled. There probably has never been a more consistent believer in limited government in Congress. America deserves a statesman like Ron Paul as her president, a man I am proud to call my father.”


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