Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Head-To-Head Comparison: Ron Paul Vs. Mitt Romney At The February 2011 CPAC Convention

Just found an excellent and informative video which shows a head-to-head comparison of Ron Paul vs. Mitt Romney at the February 2011 CPAC Convention. While the videographer supports Ron Paul, the videographer does not denigrate or defame Mitt Romney in any way. Alternating clips of Ron Paul and Mitt Romney speaking on similar subjects are shown.

And while both Paul and Romney are quite coherent and articulate, the differences soon surface. While Romney talks primarily about economic issues and occasionally criticizes Barack Obama and liberals by name, Ron Paul tends to talk more about liberty, avoids naming Obama, and reminds the audience that both conservatives and liberals have contributed to our problems. A most notable difference is in foreign policy; while Mitt Romney simply wants us to be a more efficient empire and promises a continuation of this "War on Terror", Ron Paul openly questions the value of maintaining a vast military empire around the world, and scoffs at the fact that we still have troops in Japan 65 years after the end of World War II.


Both Ron Paul and Mitt Romney agree that when we send our troops to war, we should ensure that they're equipped to win and given permission to win. Where they disagree is on the conditions of war. While Mitt Romney still tends to be a bit too supportive of using the military for nation-building, peacekeeping, and wiping babies' bottoms, Ron Paul believes the military should be used primarily for national defense. His premise: If other nations find our example worth emulating, they'll come to "democracy" of their own accord, and not have to be forced into it at gunpoint.

This is not the uncertain and tentative Ron Paul of 2008 who was the reluctant candidate. The 2011 version is a dynamic and committed version; you can almost hear the fire crackling in his belly this time around by watching the video. Freed from the encumbrances of another run for his U.S. House seat, he's rolled the dice and is going for the Hail Mary play.

Both Mitt Romney and Ron Paul are equally honorable men; should Romney end up being the Republican nominee, I will support him. But until that decision is made, I'm getting behind the candidate who wants more than reform. For Ron Paul, reform is not enough; it will merely delay the inevitable. Revolution, on the other hand, can defeat the inevitable.

Mitt Romney for reform -- Ron Paul for revolution.

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