Thursday, July 14, 2011

GQ Magazine Names Wasilla, Alaska The 22nd Worst-Dressed City In The United States; Perhaps A Thinly-Disguised Cheap Shot At Sarah Palin?

GQ Magazine has released their list of "The 40 Worst-Dressed Cities in America", and Alaska didn't get shut out. The list shows surprising variety; it includes Miami (9), New Orleans (12), Las Vegas (13), Atlanta (17), Dallas (23), San Diego (27), and even the normally hip and cool San Francisco (20), dissing them for eschewing “sartorial frivolity of any kind (like color, for example) in favor of the highly practical and high performing". Salt Lake and Provo also made the list, the latter because of the "missionary look". The worst-dressed city: Boston.

Representing Alaska at #22 is an unlikely entrant, Wasilla. And, to no one's surprise, they feature a photo including Todd and Sarah Palin next to a port-a-potti. It may be a thinly-disguised cheap shot at the Palins. Here's GQ's explanation as to why Wasilla was included:

We could consider chic brands of snowshoes, investigate the most supple and effective parka, even offer a missive about the best gloves money can buy. But regardless of how you approach the style of the now-infamous Alaskan town of Wasilla, all you'll ever think about is Sarah and Todd and the whole Palin gang. And they are terrible. You'd think $150,000 later, there'd be an improvement. But no.

With the repeated references to the Palins, I have to wonder if Wasilla would have made the list without them. Alaska Dispatch has now picked up on the story.

Other Noteworthy Reaction: Boulder, Colorado is unhappy with their number 40 position on the list, and complain about it. But then again, Boulder is infested with a bunch of eco-snobs anyway. The San Francisco Weekly posts a humorous if lengthy response HERE, blaming it on proximity to Silicon Valley and the geeks who write code while dressed in shorts and sandals. FoxReno blames Las Vegas' inclusion on tourists and performers.

Some Salt Lakers were distinctly unimpressed, and I'm certain they reflect the sentiments of most of us in Alaska:

mountainlocal 0 minutes ago:
Thank God, Salt Lake isn't some trendy, metro sexual, urban center where dudes check to see what type of shoes you're wearing when you walk into a restaurant. Living on the East Coast, guys are more catty and pretentious than the hags on Sex in the City.

Why glam up for a meal when you're going wake boarding or mountain biking in the afternoon anyway?

AmericaForever 4 hours ago:
Don't let the "world" tell us how awful we are at meeting their standards. The fashion world changes every year so you are shamed into not wearing your clothes longer. You are supposed to spend more on trends than you do to feed a small army. No one should ever care what the materialistic snobs think or say. Enjoy life to the fullest and wear whatever you want, even if you are frugal, mormonish, or look like a skier. Those queerish designers will never know what true joy is!

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