Friday, July 29, 2011

The Charles Monnett Story And Why Global Warming Doesn't Scare Me: First, The Issue Is Too Big, And Second, No Guarantees That Any Solution Would Succeed

I have just found one of the best explanations why I personally am not scared of global warming (or climate change, as some call it). On Millennial Star, Rameumptom posted this comment:

Rameumptom says on July 29th 2011 at 7:29 am:
One of the biggest problems with the Global Warming theory is that there is very little the average person can do about it. It virtually puts all decisions about it on at least a national, if not global, scale. Most people cannot buy a Prius, and even if they could, it is questionable on how much pollution would be prevented, as the battery becomes a big source of pollutants. Unlike the Earth Days of the 1970s, where people went out and picked up trash in roadways and parks, we cannot do anything for Global Warming (even if it were a real thing). Worse,to approve the Kyoto Treaty means the USA’s economy crashes, while India and China can continue polluting. We don’t stop global warming, even if it were real.

For a theory to be useful, it must be able to make projections that can be tested. Yet GW theorists have been lousy at predicting anything. Last winter was supposed to be warm and mild, instead meteorologists that study the Sun’s changes were the ones correct about a harsh winter. GW theorists have gone from predicting future weather to looking back at weather that has occurred and say, “see, there’s proof of GW/climate change.” IOW, the predictions and theory are useless.

And now we see that a big chunk of their data is also wrong, as seen by these two reports.

The first of the two reports referenced is the story of Charles Monnett, the scientist who warned us that polar bears are dying in droves due to ice melting. He is currently on administrative leave while an investigation is ongoing to determine if Monnett manipulated figures and facts to continue receiving his $50 million federal grant money and to help push a partisan political fight against global warming. But according to Alaska Dispatch, the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Regulation and Enforcement (BOEMRE) says that Monnett's suspension has nothing to do with scientific integrity, his 2006 journal article, or issues related to permitting, although they would not disclose why he has been suspended. Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility, a nonprofit that aims to protect government employees who work in environmental agencies, has filed a complaint on his behalf with the U.S. Interior Department

Alaska Dispatch has also dredged up and published excerpts of a 2007 interview of Monnett by reporter Tony Hopfinger, which reveals that the bear scare was initially sparked by a team of federal scientists who spotted apparently dead polar bears floating in the Arctic Ocean in fall 2004. Instead of researching weather records to determine if the bears had merely been the victim of a brutal storm, the scientists immediately hopped on the global warming bandwagon. In other words, they discarded possible facts which did not support their pre-determined conclusion.

The second of Millennial Star's two referenced reports is the fact that NASA satellite data from 2000 to 2011 indicates that the Earth is sending off more heat into space than global warming experts believed, which means that less heat is being trapped in the atmosphere, and much less global warming occurring than UN computer models predicted.

The bottom line: Scientists, who are human, have been wrong before and are obviously wrong now. However, the sheer size of the global warming issue, requiring a global effort, means that if we commit to an unproven hypothetical solution that does not work, we will have squandered billions if not trillions of dollars for absolutely no benefit, and will be poorer economically as a result. Too many people who look down upon religion as being mere "superstition" have actually made Science their Deity; this is why you see so much intellectual arrogance directed by the so-called "educated" class towards the working class. Intellectual arrogance is one of the main reasons why the intelligentsia expresses so much contempt for Sarah Palin, as a prime example.

So in summary, there are two reason why I have stopped taking global warming seriously: First, the issue is simply too big and complex, and second, no macro-scale solution offers any promising guarantees. I can't justify throwing away trillions of dollars on a pig in a poke. The only cost-effective and proven response is to deal with individual symptoms, such as the relocation of vulnerable Bush Alaska seaside villages to higher ground away from the coast. Many of those villages, like Shishmaref, were established on fish camps or haulout sites never meant for permanent year-round human habitation. We can also continue a gradual, market-driven shift from fossil fuels towards "greener" energy sources, preferably without government coercion.

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