Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Hays Research Poll Shows Alaskans Are Nuts; Barack Obama Would Beat Sarah Palin 42 Percent To 36 Percent

Hays Research Group has released the results of a survey of 500 likely voters in Alaska taken on June 21-22, 2011, and it shows that some Alaskans are stark raving nuts. The poll was commissioned by Mike Porcaro, a radio host on KENI. In response to the question "Although it is some time from now, thinking about the election for President of the United States next year, if the election were held today and the candidates were Democrat Barack Obama or Republican Sarah Palin, for whom would you vote or are you undecided?", 42 percent would pick Obama, while 36 percent would pick Palin.

A more complete breakout from the Hays website:

-- Obama Strong: 34 percent
-- Obama Not so strong: 6 percent
-- Undecided - Lean Obama: 2 percent
-- Palin Strong: 25 percent
-- Palin Not so strong: 6 percent
-- Undecided - Lean Palin: 5 percent
-- Other Candidate: 7 percent
-- Undecided / Don’t Know: 16 percent

It's understandable that Alaskans would be a bit miffed at Palin; after all, she did resign from office midway through her gubernatorial term, and unlike most prominent women, became powerful without becoming a feminist and forfeiting her femininity in the process. Palin also stands tall for traditional cultural values, which riles the left. But to choose Obama? This indicates a sea change among Alaskans. Once a state that championed growth and development, we've now become a state infested with entitlement-guzzlers who lust after PFD checks, Denali KidCare, and just about every welfare program known to mankind. Alberta is booming, and we can't even get a natural gas pipeline off the ground. Worse yet, despite possessing natural gas reserves, we're now faced with the prospect of actually importing LNG. A new CNBC report on America's Top States For Business illustrates the problem; Alaska is considered only the 49th best state to do business. To add additional insult to injury, the Fraser Institute just released their own annual rankings of locations in terms of their favorability to oil and gas development, and Alaska struggles home a miserable 83rd out of 136.

Obama has done nothing to help grow Alaska; he refuses to allow us to open up ANWR for exploration and responsible development. Any state that gives its heart to Obama is a loser state. HotAir thinks the poll's a crock; they remind us that Hays' final poll of the 2008 presidential campaign put John McCain just three points ahead of Obama in Alaska notwithstanding Palin’s presence on the ticket. The actual result on election day: McCain 59, Obama 38. And last October, they had Joe Miller trailing Democrat Scott McAdams by six points for second place behind Murkowski. Election day results: Murky 39, Miller 35, McAdams 23.

Meanwhile, a McClatchy-Marist poll indicates that of all 801 respondents, only 36 percent would vote for Obama; 43 percent would vote against him. But the 308 Republican and Republican-leaning respondents remain divided on which Republican should oppose Obama:

-- Mitt Romney: 19 percent
-- Rudy Giuliani: 13 percent
-- Rick Perry: 13 percent
-- Sarah Palin: 11 percent
-- Michele Bachmann: 8 percent
-- Ron Paul: 5 percent
-- Tim Pawlenty: 5 percent
-- Herman Cain: 5 percent
-- Jon Huntsman Jr: 2 percent
-- Newt Gingrich: 2 percent
-- Rick Santorum: 1 percent

An AP-GfK poll offers some better news to Palin. Among Republicans alone, Palin is the top choice with a 63 percent favorability rating; Mitt Romney's second with 61 percent, and Michele Bachmann third with 54 percent. However, among all 1,001 respondents combined, Palin is only 38 percent Favorable and 55 percent Unfavorable.

The trick is for Republicans to put up a ticket that can actually beat Obama.

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