Sunday, March 13, 2011

Former Libertarian Presidential Candidate Michael Badnarik Proclaims Support For Schaeffer Cox, Thinks The Case Is A Crock

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Michael Badnarik was the Libertarian Party's Presidential candidate back in 2004. This was back in the days when the party actually selected real libertarians as standard bearers, before they gave their hearts to the notorious political whore Bob Barr in 2008. Badnarik currently operates the website.

Badnarik has weighed in on the Schaeffer Cox case, and is clearly supportive of Cox. In this post entitled "Schaeffer Cox arrested in Alaska", Badnarik basically concludes that the whole case is a crock. He first met Cox in St. Charles, Illinois in November 2009 during what was called the Continental Congress 2009, out of which sprang forth the Articles of Freedom – a 65-page document that outlines many of the government’s most egregious violations of the Constitution. Badnarik was impressed by Cox's clean-cut, intelligent, and articulate persona, as well as Cox's obvious passion for the Constitution. Badnarik believes that Schaeffer Cox and his four cohorts were arrested primarily because they wanted to challenge the government's authority. He writes, "[they] do not like Schaeffer Cox questioning their presumed authority, so they have indicted him for crimes that sound horrendous to the average person, and they will no doubt purjure themselves, and create artificial evidence of these crimes to make an example of Schaeffer in the media".

There's already evidence that some of the media are deliberately excising Cox's statements out of context to present him in the most unfavorable light. For example, the media commonly publishes the following quote from Cox: "There's a lot of people out there that would just as soon come and kill you in the night then come and argue with you in court by day". However, in response to this Fairbanks Daily News-Miner story, Buick-Mackane wrote the full quote on Saturday, Mar 12 at 01:08 PM, which reads "There's a lot of people out there that would just as soon come and kill you in the night then come and argue with you in court by day, and that is just as bad and wrong as pretended governments or governments that are acting outside of the law or in contradiction of the universal principles of right and wrong...". Note that in the FULL quote, Schaeffer Cox clearly condemns gratuitous and non-defensive violence.

The Southern Poverty Law Center also weighs in on the case, attempting to smear Cox by mentioning him in the same context as former National Alliance member Kevin Harpham, a White nationalist who's been arrested for deploying a backpack bomb in Spokane on the day of their MLK parade. Cox is not known to have any White nationalist or racialist sympathies, yet the SPLC is always willing to portray dissident Whites as "white supremacists" in order to keep their donation spigot cranked wide open.

For those who might be tempted to dismiss Michael Badnarik's assessment out of hand simply because he's a libertarian, remember that he was also their presidential candidate in 2004. This means he has some experience in coalition-building, an important attribute within the libertarian community simply because it's been said that getting libertarians to work successfully together is a lot like "herding cats".

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