Friday, February 25, 2011

More TSA Insanity: TSA Agents Search And Grope Train Passengers In Savannah, Georgia......After They Got Off The Train

The SherrieQuestioningAll blog has a video showing train passengers being screened by TSA in Savannah, Georgia. This is no media story attendant to the situation. On the surface, it would seem like no problem......except they were getting screened AFTER they got off the train.

AFTER they got off the train? You have to be kidding me. Isn't that like locking the barn door after the livestock has escaped? The only possible reason I can think for this is if a threat had been discovered after the passengers boarded the train, and they decided to pull them all off to re-screen them.

But a description posted with the video doesn't indicate it was a re-screening:

ffbgam85 | Feb 13, 2011 | 97 likes, 13 dislikes
The only bad thing on our trip was TSA was at the Savannah train station. There were about 14 agents pulling people inside the building and coralling everyone in a roped area AFTER you got OFF THE TRAIN! This made no sense!!! Poor family in front of us! 9 year old getting patted down and wanded. They groped our people too and were very unprofessional. I am all about security, but when have you ever been harassed and felt up getting OFF a plane? Shouldnt they be doing that getting ON??? And they wonder why so many people are mad at them.

According to the NewMediaJournal, earlier this year, DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano indicated that security screening, including the use of full-body image scanners, would be introduced at travel embarkation points in addition to airports. Travel venues included long-distance train travel stations as well as commuter stations servicing larger urban areas. There has been no report of any comment made by any DHS official as to why arriving passengers would be targeted for security checks. At the time of this incident, there were no terror or law enforcement security bulletins in affect.

One person on Free Republic asked what happens if you opt-out from a post-travel screening? Do they make you get back on the train? Also being discussed on Flyertalk.

This security insanity needs to be curtailed. It's one thing to screen before boarding a plane or train. But to screen after disembarking? This can and should be resisted -- if it goes to court, no jury would convict.

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