Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Mitt Romney Appears On CNN's Piers Morgan Program, Characterizes Sarah Palin As A "Great" Candidate As Fellow Mormon Jon Huntsman Jr. Looms On The Horizon

On February 1st, 2011, CNN host Piers Morgan put presumptive Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney through his paces. It's the first time I've seen Piers Morgan in action, and CNN chose a pretty good replacement for the troglodytic Larry King. Then again, it seemed like Larry King had one foot in the grave during his last years with CNN anyway. The Deseret News and the Boston Globe published stories on the appearance.

The appearance is separated into two videos. In the first video, Morgan tries to nail Romney down on his plans, but Romney parries the thrust aside, although he said his wife is leaning on him to run. The discussion then turned to Sarah Palin. Romney said, "I believe she is an extraordinarily powerful and effective voice in our party, that she has generated a great deal of support and attention, that she'd be great in a primary process. She'd bring attention to the process, and frankly, the more people we have on the stage in those debates talking about different ideas and different approaches, the better." When Morgan asked whether Romney could beat Palin, he said, "I don’t know the answer to that".

On the second video, Piers Morgan quizzed Romney extensively on the Egyptian uprising. Romney said that he was not surprised, since he viewed the Tunisian uprising as a harbinger of similar events throughout the Middle East. He did imply that the Obama Administration was caught napping. Romney was noncommittal on the timing of Hosni Mubarrak's departure, saying that the real issue is that change is coming, which effectively meets the objective of the insurgency. Romney doesn't want an immediate transition because he's concerned that Egypt might fall into anarchy, which could be successfully exploited by Islamofascists. Romney doesn't think it's in America's interest to transform every country in the world into a carbon copy cookie-cutter American-style "democracy".

Earlier, Romney guardedly praised Judge Roger Vinson's decision to invalidate Obamacare, although its next stop is the Supreme Court. But Romney still defends Romneycare, although he now concedes that he would probably push for a somewhat different law if he had to do it over again. Romneycare did not stop Romney from winning the Alaska Republican caucus in 2008, and I suspect he could beat Palin in a 2012 caucus in the Last Frontier. A Romney-Palin tag team is also a possibility and would effectively merge Romney's professionalism with Palin's passion; it would keep the Tea Party in the Republican fold.

But Mitt Romney has a new concern. Former Utah Governor Jon Huntsman Jr., a moderate Republican who was well-respective in a markedly red state, announced his resignation as U.S. Ambassador to China. It is widely speculated that Huntsman is interesting in launching a Republican Presidential candidacy in 2012, and Huntsman has not debunked it. This would set up a possible Mormon vs. Mormon clash in the primaries. Huntsman is more of a moderate Republican who favors civil unions and cap-and-trade. Susie Wiles, a political adviser who helped Rick Scott capture Florida's gubernatorial election, is now on board to head a de facto "Friends of Jon Huntsman" political action committee that's ostensibly paving the way for a Huntsman bid.


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