Thursday, February 10, 2011

Army Undersecretary Joseph Westphal Gets "Re-Educated", Recants Description Of Mexican Drug War As An "Insurgency" After Mexico Complains

During a speech delivered at the University of Utah Hinckley Institute on February 7th, 2011, Undersecretary of the Army Joseph Westphal suggested that at some point in the future, it may be necessary for U.S. troops to actually fight the Mexican narcoterrorist insurgency inside Mexico itself. But although he made it quite clear he was speaking only for himself and not in his official capacity, that wasn't good enough for the Obama Administration, because he's perceived to be "on duty" 24/7. So they put him through re-education, and now, like Winston Smith in 1984, he truly loves Big Brother. He's recanted; he no longer considers it an "insurgency".

In a statement issued on Tuesday February 8th, Westphal said he had wrongly characterized Latin America as a "strategic blind spot" for Washington. "My statement also mistakenly characterized the challenge posed by drug cartels to Mexico as 'a form of insurgency.' My comments were not and have never been the policy of the Department of Defense or the U.S. Government toward Latin America," he said.

"I did not speak on behalf of the president, national security adviser, secretary of Defense or any other officials charged with establishing and articulating U.S. policy," he added. "I regret that my inaccurate statements may have caused concerns for our partners and friends in the region, especially Mexico."

Of course. The Mexican government got its panties in a twist, and so they leaned on the Obama Adminstration to make Westphal "come to Jesus", so to speak. The Mexican Interior Ministry said it categorically rejected Westphal's comments, presumably because of the implication that "insurgency" represents a direct initiative at government control. Specifically, the Ministry explained "Trans-national organized crime seeks to maximize its illegal economic income through the traffic of drugs, people, kidnappings, homicides, robberies and extortion and other criminal offenses. But they do not promote a political agenda."

The Interior Ministry did elaborate on that government's commitment to battle the drug cartels. "Given the common challenge that both Mexico and the United States face with trans-national organized crime, we reiterate our full-fledged commitment to continue cooperation with the United States and we strongly relay that each government do whatever it can do within its own jurisdiction to reduce the demand for drugs and arms and to try to neutralize the illegal traffic of arms and cash".

Oh, really. Well, a visit to Harry Hughes' blog would seem to give the opposite impression. Hughes has been engaged in volunteer patrols in southern Arizona as part of J.T. Ready's U.S. Border Guard, and during a seven-day patrol in the Sonoran Desert National Monument, Hughes reported picking up a trail of several subjects in a wash. They followed the illegals for well over an hour; it appeared that these individuals were heading towards Interstate 8. On another day, Hughes reported discovering another well-traveled trail, replete with evidence of human and drug smuggling. In a densely wooded area, there was a food cache consisting of Spam, sardines and other canned items. Some partially eaten cans of beans were laying on the ground. It appeared that they tried to cook them in the cans. A short distance from the cache, Hughes found a few sleeping bags and a $170 Columbia Sportswear jacket. By the way, the U.S. Border Guard are not vigilantes; when they find illegals, they detain them for police, and even give them food and water if needed.

But the CNN story showed why the situation in Mexico should be considered an insurgency. The Mexican government's crackdown on narcoterrorists, which began in 2006, has now claimed more than 34,000 lives. Police officers and police chiefs are assassinated on a regular basis. The narcoterrorists may not be trying to supplant the central government in Mexico City, but they're clearly trying to become the government in the areas where they operate. And if they succeed, they'll go after the rest of the country.

I call that an "insurgency".

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