Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Anchorage's Conservative Shock Jock Dan Fagan Abruptly Resigns From KFQD, Insists There Are No Hard Feelings; Dave Stieren Replaces Him

In a move that caught every one off guard, Anchorage's premier talk show host Dan Fagan abruptly resigned from his position at KFQD 750AM on February 21st, 2011. According to Fagan, his resignation was not attributable to any hard feelings towards management. He insists that both Dennis Bookey and Joe Campbell treated him well, and that he enjoyed his time on the air there. It does not appear to be fallout from Fagan's instigation of Operation Alaska Chaos directed against Lisa Murkowski back on October 28th, 2010, which earned Fagan a one-day "standdown" just days before the general election. Some itinerant gutter blogger claims that Fagan was asked to take a pay cut and refused, but the juvenile tone of its blog casts aspersions on its credibility.

Separately, Dennis Bookey, who is the market manager for Anchorage Media Group, said he didn't know why Fagan had abruptly resigned, but wished him well nonetheless. He is arranging for a permanent replacement. Hopefully, Bookey will find somebody local; we don't need to be hearing another self-promoting syndicated national yokel like Sean Vannity. Perhaps he will offer the slot to Dave "Super Dave" Stieren, who currently occupies the 8 A.M. - 11 A.M. slot; while Stieren isn't at Fagan's level, he is better qualified than anyone else in Anchorage. Update February 2nd: Dave Stieren has indeed been moved into the slot.

Dan Fagan was clearly the premier talk show host in Anchorage. Only Eddie Burke (when he was at KBYR) and Rick Rydell come close; on the dark side, Shannyn Moore has some talent. Fagan was both a social conservative and a fiscal conservative. An analysis of his politics:

-- Abortion: Dan Fagan was one of the most fervent defenders of unborn human life. He absolutely opposed elective abortion, and vociferously criticized Planned Parenthood.

-- Ordinance #64: Dan Fagan staunchly opposed Anchorage's proposed gay non-discrimination ordinance, but framed it within libertarian arguments more than moral arguments.

-- Affirmative Action: Dan Fagan was absolutely opposed to affirmative action, recognizing and exposing the resultant double standard against Whites produced. Fagan wasn't racist, but didn't fear being called "racist" by the left because he knows it has no value when they do it.

-- Taxes: Dan Fagan went overboard on his opposition to property taxes at times, and had a tendency to reject bonds simply because they would add to property taxes. Fagan would fail to note that although bonds ask us to take on more property tax obligations, they are offset by a corresponding reduction in financial obligations from the retirement of existing bonds. To his credit, Fagan recognized the value of balancing our revenue stream with a municipal sales tax, so long as it effected a dollar-for-dollar reduction in property taxes.

-- Corporations: This was my primary and most pronounced disagreement with Fagan; he came across as a notorious corporate shill at times. His attitude was that corporations are the fountain of all economic wisdom, and that the greater their profit, the greater their justification for existence. But Fagan was blind towards corporate abuse; in particular, he failed to notice how corporations themselves have been hijacked and used as proxy enforcers for political correctness. That's why you rarely heard him condemn their efforts to censor people like Juan Williams, Don Imus, Rick Sanchez, and locally, Woody and Wilcox and Bob and Mark.

-- Environment: Dan Fagan believed that global warming theology is a crock. The lengthy cold snaps and heavy snowfalls in the Lower 48 and Europe this year tend to validate his conclusion.

-- Opportunistic: At times, he was somewhat of a flip-flopper. One moment he hated Joe Miller, the next he loved him. First he loved Sarah Palin, then he hated her, and then he switched back to loving her again. No in-between, no grey-shading.

In the final analysis, Dan Fagan was an articulate, passionate, and positive spokesman for conservatism. At least he quit while he was on top; the same can't be said for Larry King, who looked like he had one foot in the grave for the past five years.

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