Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Sarah Palin Comes Out Swinging On Sean Hannity's Fox News Program And She's Not Going To Sit Down And Shut Up

The highly-touted interview of Sarah Palin by Fox News pundit Sean Hannity took place on January 17th, 2011, and basically, she's not going to sit down and shut up just because some anklebiters want her to go to the sidelines, because if they succeeded in shutting conservatives up, then our republic will be destroyed. Palin said she will also continue to speak out to prevent lies about her from damaging her politically.

Palin did call upon all Americans to engage in more civil political debate in the wake of the Tucson shootings. She also said she had not decided whether to run for president in 2012 and would make an announcement about her future at a later time. Palin also praised President Obama's speech delivered at the memorial service in Tucson on Wednesday January 12th, but at the same time, she found parts of the event a bit bizarre, at times more like a pep rally or campaign rally, which seemed to distract from the message.

Palin said she used the term "blood libel" to describe comments made by those who falsely tried to link conservatives to the assassination attempt against Rep. Gabrielle Giffords. She explained that the term referred to those "falsely accused of having blood on their hands."

The interview is split into three segments embedded below. A written transcript is now available HERE.

Segment 1:

Segment 2: Sarah Palin discusses various challenges facing the U.S.

Segment 3: Sarah Palin discusses finger-pointing and the leftist and media orchestrated blame game

New York Magazine noted that there seemed an undercurrent of tension between Palin and Hannity. At one point, Hannity diverged from Tucson shooting discussion to point out to Palin just how many people hate her. Showing quotes from Madonna and Sandra Bernhard (of all people), Hannity asked Palin whether all the hate affected her political chances. Palin responded by recalling Martin Luther King Jr. "On this day, celebrating the legacy and the life of Martin Luther King, he reminded me 'a lie cannot live.'"

The speech was also live-blogged on Gateway Pundit, who noted that Palin recounted that immediately after the Tucson shooting occurred she and Todd were contacted by many in the MSM asking for her thoughts. She refused to answer at that time, preferring to wait. Gateway Pundit also noted that the entire Palin family had received numerous death threats.

I thought Sarah Palin handled herself quite well. She's polished her discourse considerably since the hatchet job administered by Katie Couric in 2008. But Sean Hannity isn't exactly a hostile interlocutor, either. Sarah Palin tells the elite what many of us wish we could tell them.


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