Friday, January 21, 2011

National Enquirer Publishes Bogus Claim That Todd Palin Supposedly Cheated On Sarah Palin With Anchorage Massage Therapist Shailey Tripp

If they're not misrepresenting Sarah Palin, then they're outright lying about her and her family. The National Enquirer has published a bogus story which implies that Todd Palin had an extramarital affair with a female massage therapist identified as Shailey Tripp.

According to the Enquirer, an anonymous tipster sent out messages to news outlets on January 4th, 2011 making the allegation using the e-mail address Tenants in the building which included Tripp's offices claimed they saw Todd come and go often and heard noises that sounded like someone was having sex. It was those same tenants who called the police on Tripp, who was arrested on March 4th, 2010 in Anchorage and charged with maintaining a house of prostitution. Tripp pleaded no contest on June 15th, 2010 with sentencing set for June 15th, 2011. She agreed to complete 80 hours of volunteer service, not post advertisements on CraigsList and pay a fine of $500. If she meets with these conditions, Tripp can withdraw her plea at the sentencing hearing and the case will be dismissed.

Shailey Tripp has multiple entries to her name in the Alaska Court System database (other cases involve either civil issues or traffic offenses). The specific case referenced in this story is 3AN-10-02448CR, adjudicated on June 15th.

But here's what the Enquirer offers as their supposed "evidence" that Todd Palin had an affair with Tripp:

-- "a female massage therapist who was busted for prostitution". Just because she was busted for prostitution later does not mean that she was engaging in sex with Todd Palin.

-- "police have confiscated physical evidence that could tie Todd to an alleged extramarital affair". That evidence could be anything -- a towel, a washcloth, or any other such items which could be used during a legitimate massage.

-- "the woman...contributed free massages to an anonymous person working for Sarah's campaign for governor of Alaska". That could describe anyone working on the campaign -- not necessarily Todd.

So on the basis of three flimsy statements, we're supposed to believe that Todd Palin cheated on his wife? And particularly when it comes from a disreputable rag like the National Enquirer? Even Alaska Dispatch is a more credible venue -- and if they would dump Craig Medred and Jill Burke, they'd be major league.

The Enquirer does add that representatives for Todd Palin have vehemently denied the allegation. Unfortunately, the story's been picked up and trumpeted by other sources, some of which are quasi-reputable. These include the sleazy Perez Hilton, the New York Daily News (an onsite unscientific poll indicates 65 percent of respondents are swallowing this nonsense), Yahoo News, Vanity Fair, and Village Voice, which is commendably skeptical. The State Column reminds us that it was the Enquirer that broke the story about John Edwards’s affair with Rielle Hunter. But then again, even a blind hog can find an acorn once in a while. By the way, the same January 31st issue of the Enquirer also reports that also reports that Jennifer Anniston has a drinking problem (plausible) and President Obama is stick-thin because he has stomach parasites (he's not exactly "stick-thin").

This isn't the first time someone has tried to spread bogus stories about the Palins' marital relationship. In August 2009, Jesse Lee Griffin of the aptly-named Immoral Minority blog reported that the Palins were heading for a divorce. EPIC FAIL -- never happened. But that hasn't deterred Griffin from trumpeting this story as well.

I will believe the Palins long before I'll believe a trash news site or a gutter blogger.


  1. Word has it that the Enquirer has a whole lot more then just the court records behind this story.

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  10. Looks like there is a need to clean out the comments for this item.

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  11. The Anchorgae Police has admitted they lied in that press release but feels they do not need to offer any retractions. Go check the AP Wire for the latest press release about this story.