Monday, January 17, 2011

Bristol Palin's New Home Town Has A Crime Problem: Property Crime In Maricopa, Arizona Up 25 Percent In One Year

Of course, it is well-known by now that Bristol Palin bought a foreclosed home in Maricopa, Arizona. She paid $172,000 cash for the five bedroom, 4,000 sq. ft. home that sold for $329,560 when it was first built in 2006. At first glance, it looks like any single-family home one would see in South Anchorage; a nice home in a good city.

But all may not be well beneath the surface. Maricopa lies close to some major smuggling routes for drugs and illegal aliens from Mexico. And its proximity to these routes is boosting Maricopa's crime rate. A local resident, Harry Hughes, tells us that property crime in Maricopa has jumped 25 percent in one year, although violent crimes have increased more slowly. This means that while Bristol Palin and her son are still only in minimal danger of getting robbed or raped, there's a good chance her home could be invaded when she's not there.

The specific numbers, originally published by, show that violent crimes increased slightly from 40 reported cases in 2009 to 47 in 2010. But most alarmingly, the number of property crimes increased from 897 to 1,118, with the biggest jump in arrests for theft, up by 194 cases. That's a 25 percent jump in just one year. Of course, being a Palin, Bristol undoubtedly is personally familiar with the Second Amendment and is prepared to defend herself if needed. But I wonder if she really did her homework before moving into this community.

Harry Hughes is part of a private citizens group called the U.S. Border Guard. While paramilitary in nature, they are not vigilantes. Headed up by the noted Arizona immigration restriction activist Jason T. "JT" Ready, they patrol various areas in south central Arizona where smuggling traffic is indicated to be high. One of their primary areas of interest has been the Vekol Valley. When they encounter illegal aliens, they detain them, but give them food and water if needed before turning them over to law enforcement. Numerous photos available HERE.

And U.S. Border Guard, also nicknamed "Ready's Rangers", finds some shocking things. Most recently, they came upon what's called a "rape tree". J.T. Ready describes the rape tree thusly: "Rape trees are trees that the smugglers throw bloody undergarments in after raping victims, used to intimidate future undocumented aliens and as a machismo trophy. We have noted even children underwear present".

J.T. Ready provides frequent updates on U.S. Border Guard activities in this multi-page Stormfront thread. This activity is not for the casual hobbyist or for the faint-hearted; during the summer, they wear a full-combat load in 110F heat.

And as for Bristol Palin, RadarOnLine reports she has her first job offer. Phoenix radio station Mix 96.9 has offered her the opportunity to be the sidekick for morning show host Mathew Blades. The two have contrasting political philosophies, which could make for some interesting radio. There were initial reports that Palin would be attending journalism school at Arizona State University and staying in the Maricopa home, but the director of the school told the Arizona Republic Palin never registered as a student at ASU. There is some concern that Levi Johnston might object to Bristol taking Tripp to Arizona, but if Levi was really interested in Tripp, he could have married Bristol.

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