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Anchorage "Hot Sauce Mom" Jessica Beagley Charged With Misdemeanor Child Abuse, Pleads Not Guilty; Looks Like A Political Prosecution

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The dormant case of the famous Anchorage "hot sauce mom" Jessica Beagley has roared back to life with the revelation that Beagley has been charged with misdemeanor child abuse. The Anchorage Press was first out of the starting blocks with this update, followed quickly by the Anchorage Daily News, which has also separately reported on Russia's interest in the case.

On January 28th, Beagley's lawyer Peter Ramgren entered a plea of not guilty on her behalf. A media circus prevailed in the courtroom with at least four camera crews present. Beagley's next court date will be March 21st. Notice how the Anchorage Daily News exhibits bias against Beagley; they deliberately and provocatively entitled their story "Hot-sauce wielding mom on show for help". But Andrey Bondarev of the Russian Consulate in Seattle reportedly visited the Beagleys, and said all of the six Beagley children looked well and that Beagley promised she would never again punish the boy with her previous extreme measures.

-- Alaska Court System database entry on Jessica Beagley HERE, designated as Case No. 3AN-11-00323CR.

-- Seven-page charging document available HERE

Background: As presented in this previous post, Jessica Beagley first attracted public notice in November 2010 after a November 17th appearance on the Dr. Phil show where her "hot sauce" disciplinary techniques were displayed. Beagley was seeking help in dealing with a difficult Russian adoptee. The accompnaying video showed Jessica requiring her son to drink a negligible amount of hot sauce and hold it in his mouth as punishment for both misbehaving in school AND lying about it. The boy was not required to swallow the hot sauce; after 30 seconds, he was permitted to spit it out. In addition, the video showed the boy being required to take a brief cold shower as part of the punishment.

However, Jessica's husband, Gary Beagley, is also an Anchorage police officer. In addition, it was revealed that the family are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Furthermore, the Anchorage Police Department is also embarrassed by the fact that one of their own, Anthony Rollins, is currently being tried for job-related sexual misconduct. Combined with the Russian interest in this case, all these factors provided a powerful incentive for the system to consider prosecution of Jessica Beagley. So Detective Leonard Torres interviewed Beagley, her husband, Officer Gary Beagley and their six children. Municipal prosecutor Cynthia Franklin found evidence in the detective's report that Beagley's methods of discipline were not reasonable and therefore broke Anchorage child abuse laws, and decided to press charges.

It should be noted that Gary Beagley has not been charged with any crime, and no sanctions have been imposed upon him on the job.

Dispute centers around interpretation of the applicable statute, AMC8.10.030(B)(2) (if the link fails, go HERE and select Title 8 from the menu on the left). The statute lists several factors in determining what is reasonable parental discipline. One example of unreasonable discipline included in the code is the scalding, branding or burning of a child, which includes the use of a spicy hot sauce in the opinion of the prosecutor. But Beagley's attorney maintains that Jessica Beagley did not break municipal law, because the Beagley children haven't had physical injuries or medical care for injuries.

Russian interest in the case is spawned by the fact that they still consider the Russian adoptee to be a Russian citizen. Adoptions to the United States were halted in 2010, potentially affecting thousands of U.S. families. Three deaths led up to the negotiations, according to an April 2010 report from MSNBC. So the Russians have cited this case to harden their negotiating position. However, when Russia launched an unprovoked invasion of Georgia and amputated the two Georgian provinces of Abkhazia and South Ossetia, the Russians didn't consider that any of the world's business, so the Russians are being hypocritical.

The Bottom Line: The prosecution of Jessica Beagley is being driven by politics. If it wasn't for the national publicity from Dr. Phil, the Russian interest, and the desire of APD to detract from the embarrassing prosecution of one of their own, Anthony Rollins, it's unlikely that this would be a criminal case. It would be limited only to intervention by child protective services.

Comments to the Anchorage Daily News story indicate considerable support for Jessica Beagley. At least two-thirds of comments are favorable towards her, although some condemn the cold shower while accepting the hot sauce therapy. Here's a sampling of typical supportive comments (after the jump):

James Bell Just now
What are they suppose to do? Let the kid run wild? She stated that she has tried other means to discipline and nothing has worked except this.... What is the big problem? This is not damaging at all! Our society has become so bad a discipline that I cant go to the store with out screaming kids running around out of control. It is ridiculous! Just the other day I was at a hair salon & two brothers were pushing each other and they were falling onto my feet... Behavior like this is unacceptable!! I had told my sister & law that has been trying to discipline her 3 year old to use time out and make the sessions longer if the child did not abide by the rules, she stated to me that that was child abuse! That is garbage! Yet she yells profanity at her daughter all day at the top of her lungs & gets nowhere & complains that nothing works. There should be laws forcing parents to control there children instead of threatening them with these kind of things. This generation of kids our going to grow up with out any discipline and become the scumbags that cant hold a job or steal because they have not been taught what is right and wrong... They were taught that they can do what they want when they want without punishment

Amanda Wyckoff  Just now:
well, i just got done watching the video, i dont see anything wrong with it, sure hot sauce is spicey, but hey, if soap doesnt work then hot sauce will, and its not like its boiling hot or super spicy, from the looks of the bottle it was some tabasco, and she only put alittle in the kids mouth and he was even allowed to spit it out and wipe his mouth, as for the cold shower, sure they suck, but its been proven that a cold shower actually helps the body, AND he was only in the shower for not even a minute, he just had to say what he did wrong, acknowledge he knew it was wrong and he was able to go on his little way. its pretty simple and easy, and he wasny screaming because he was in pain, he was crying because the water was cold and he didnt like being punished, NO CHILD LIKES TO BE PUNISHED, its a simple known fact, hell when my daughter does something bad all i have to do is frown at her and say 'NO' and she starts crying. all children react differently to punishment. BUT, kids have to learn that there is consequences for misbehaving otherwise the legal systems are just going to be filling up the jail houses faster be kids that havent learned right from wrong because parents are so damned scared to punishe their children for fear of someone thinking its abuse.

amandamcvey  Just now:
Forcing a cold shower? Maybe a little too far for me to see merit in it as it is not working and having taken them when water wont heat up I can attest that they are horrible, especially in winter months with drafts. Hot Sauce? My parents did this to me once and I got the point. No one ever accused them of abuse for it either when they spanked me for being disrespectful and rude and not listening and I turned out just fine. I hate that those parents that take things too far make even the slightest form of punishment unacceptable for all parents to use! I want my boys to listen, behave, be honest and respectful of everyone they encounter and if they are not than I should be able to do what is necessary to ensure they stop acting up and behave. Note the word Necessary. That is the key so many miss. It is not necessary to spank a child til they cant sit down, or force them to eat soap when telling a lie but having been spanked to get the point and holding soap in my own teeth a time or two as a kid I can say its not the end of the world or cruel and unusual and unless physical harm occurs often laugh at those that do. If more parents cared enough to punish their kids bad behavior I'd feel better about our society as a whole, and if those that take it to extremes would stop it'd be great for us all

Zog  Just now
I don't think most people have watched the video. 1) that child did not cry with the hot sauce; Tobasco sauce is spicy, but not harmful in most situations, and the child had already been used to spicy, which makes it an ineffective punishment, but not torture.

2) Studies show that cold (yes--even Ice cold) in small duration can also be good for people. So once again, not comfortable, but also not torture. It is not waterboarding, which according to many isn't torture either.

3) Since when is punishment supposed to feel good?


  1. A door banging Bible banger stopped by and left me some pray-and-be-saved reading material. In it was a warm accolade relative to Chinese inventiveness. It seems that some of them go into the mountains and gather up snow to bring back to village, where they cover it with grass to hinder the melting. Hey man! Cold drinks year around. From my point of view, this pales in comparison, the white man's refrigeration units plus the white man's discovery and harnessing of electrify to run those units. Whitey always seems to be missing the boat -- I seed it on TV.

  2. In 1973, I believe, there was another energy crisis -- a shortage of gasoline. The Talmudvision people showed hundreds of Californians lined up at the pumps to get gasoline which wasn't there. As dictated by capitalistic profiteering, the prices shot up. I called one of my boyhood friends who was a minor honcho at Union 76, a giant oil producer. He said that there was ample gasoline but somewhere in the back room, the "boys" had decided to block delivery to the local gas pumps. What ZOG was trying to do is whip the American boob into a frenzy sufficient to accept entry into another war against their better interests. The war never came about and the prices never dropped. An interesting parallel price rise took place in the natural gas industry. People were encouraged to cut back on their heating by lowering the thermostat to 65 degrees, or lower. Most people did, at least in the northeast. The natural gas companies then complained about the loss in profits due to the loss in sales. ZOG stepped in and allowed them to TRIPLE the price. Once done, natural gas miraculously recovered from its "shortage". Someone benefited. Yes? I'll bet it wasn't the family man doing his best to support a family.

    ZOG is a racket run by the super-rich and they keep the working man suppressed by requiring him to feed an ever-increasing horde of parasites which supply most of the votes for the candidates of the super-rich. Whether Republican or Democrat, it's all run by ZOGlings and none of them qualify as poor. Even when a third party arises it's is still owned by ZOG. We have only one political party but with several names.

  3. If we "conserved" to a point where an equilibrium were established, it would not last long since the demands of our parasites, plus those of the invaders, would insure yet another crisis-shortage. Even if the growing world population were of good quality, which they are not, you simply cannot have a continuing body-count expansion on a finite planet. If white people -- the only people capable of somewhat controlling Nature -- do not get their act together soon, the gods will return this planet to one which runs more smoothly, even if it means no more genus Homo. Of all the critters on this planet, only humans appear to always act in a manner detrimental to their long term interests. Any intelligent god must have long ago abandoned us as "hopeless".

  4. Sweden, of course, went socialist during the last century. Recognizing that a country cannot have an infinite welfare state -- something Americans will soon be confronted with -- they made a rule whereby those on welfare would not be allowed to reproduce. Whatcha say, honky? Getting tired of our "we feed, they breed" system?

  5. For the tard who wrote this blog:

    Please go fill your mouth up with hot sauce (enough to fill it--not just a dab. Or better yet, call Jessica and have her do it for you.) Then, hold it in your mouth for the amount of time Jessica forced Kristoff to hold it. Don't you dare swallow it (go watch the video again--he's NOT allowed to swallow it)!!!! Now do you understand that it's abuse? How about you get in the shower now and I'll work the controls? Now do you get it? How about I just speak to you in a sinister voice--a cold screeching voice NOT IN YOUR NATIVE LANGUAGE and bitch you out for screwing up at school??? Would you dare lie to me, knowing what was coming?? Good GOD! What does she do when the child admits his transgressions? And by the way, HER 10 YEAR OLD DAUGHTER was filming this. What has Jessica taught these children?? She's teaching them all to be sadistic. She's facing the punishment, both criminal and social, that she so richly deserves. I hope she gets the help she needs, but I sincerely hope that boy gets a different chance with a real loving mother--not Jessica.

  6. After just watching a news clip of Jessica Beasley putting hot sauce in her son's mouth and then forcing him to stand (naked??) in an ice cold shower........ and we have to even take 3 seconds to contemplate whether or not this is child abuse? I would find it interesting to take Jessica Beasley, strip her naked, place her in an ice cold shower, and then find the hottest hot sauce, coat her mouth in it and demand that she cannot swallow it. Hmmmm, I think perhaps instant enlightenment would envelope her, as to how a small child would feel abused and traumatized.
    Parents can loose their tempers, however there is a huge difference ( discernment )... between a few choice words, a banashing a child to their room, take away their electronics, make them go rake the entire lawn of leaves, ground them, or something within sane reason.
    I am sure this is the tip of the iceburg in Jessica's tool box of punishing, and no doubt the better part of the iceburg is under the surface. One look into her eyes and a chinese face reading analysis shows it all. There is no accident in faces and the eyes are the window to the soul. Her eyes are cold, and dangerous. It speaks of her soul being gone. I would hope that minimally, she is required to enter into psychological counseling, after being evaluated as to her mental state. Evil can justify anything it does, and what better way to enact it's insatiable desire to inflict pain, than to place it on a child? Chinese water torture works because it is continued, one drop at a time. The psychi of a child is vulnerable and the child will always interpret the insanity of a bad parent as their fault, and not the fault of the parent. Jessica probably has no business being a parent, no doubt has no clue that she is the problem. I see much therapy in the future of this little boy, and one wonders what his adult life will be like from the scars of his mother's love?
    It's all very sad, indeed.

  7. TO CONDONE ANY KIND OF SHOCK TO A CHILDS BODY IS DISGUSTING. MOst of the kids in this world that act out volently were treated that way...taught it. Be kind to your children...because they are PEOPLE and they will grow up to be kind to others as well. This thought that kids are all heathens and that we have to whip them into shape is ludicrus! You should all be ashamed of yourselves if you support this. Bottom line is that Parents are supposed to be the ones that kids trust...not fear. It is sad that some people use that title to "abuse" that trust.

  8. Obviously this lady can't handle the kids she has. Why on earth would you adopt if you already have to resort to these actions to parent? Please. Six is far more than she can handle and thew kids are paying for it.

  9. It's unfathomable to me that anyone would consider this woman's treatment of her adopted son in any way reasonable. If acceptable punishment such as time outs, suspension of privileges and good old fashioned talking and explaining hasn't worked, an escalation to such ridiculous, degrading, and fear-provoking measures is not the next logical step. For one thing, did it never occur to her that an adopted child of this age would require extra love, attention, and reassurances, especially after being taken from everything he knows and stuck with a new family in another part of the world? Adoption is a PROCESS. Children don't enter a new home and instantly adapt. Many carry a lot of pain, anger, fear, confusion, and distrust - and older children have a more difficult time adapting. A reasonable parent would see and understand this and respond with COMPASSION. Clearly this woman is more concerned about being in control than about what is in the child's best interest - his spiritual and emotional wellbeing. She seems more interested in being an authority figure than a mom. One can only wonder what the next escalation in punishment would have been if the hot sauce and cold showers didn't elicit the results she demanded. As an adoptive mom myself, I am outraged that anyone who thinks that what is seen in the video is reasonable treatment of a child would be allowed to adopt. My heart aches for this poor little one - who, at age 7, seems in the video to be fearful and displaying hopelessness. I hope and pray this little boy and his brother receive the love, compassion, affection, understanding, and protection they deserve.


  11. That woman is down right nasty. I've been punished plenty as a child but this is excessive. You can see the little boy is sniveling and crying the entire time, but the woman persists. That kid will split on his 18th birthday (if he doesn't get removed sooner) guaranteed.

  12. Gee, usuully male child abuse is hundred percent ignored...Thanks to Dr Phil, alot of eyes are opened up. In movies, guys take cold showers to cool thier jets after seeing a hot babe. funny as an adult who made a conscious choice, but how about her actions, controlling like that? Showers, I remember them. I had a childhood full of them, and drownings, and stairs, and brainwashing, and isolation, and physical dominations. They stopped after I comitted suicide at fifteen and was taken away from her. And no, her family is NOT functional. Me? I've had baths for a year and a half now. And I can actually start up conversations with women, instead of heading for the hills when they came near. I'm 45 now. Thanks to my well meaning tiny crew of close and trusted friends, who wanted me to get counselling a year and a half ago. Somehow they caught my fear of water, and therapy has brought those awful memories back to front and centre of my life. She already had my obedience, why did she hafta act like this mother? I'll tell you why, he appears very close to that threshold of his emasculation, she nearly turned him into a slave toy. Don't even try to argue with someone who has been in his don't have a clue. He resisted not...probably someone took his pencil to get him to stand up for himself for once in his life, and there she is to make sure he doesn't get that chance. It's all brainwashing so you are a toy. What brilliant subjugance for an inferior, smaller and younger mind. She can't control bigger people. I am unarguably right, and you all are only starting to get the picture...thanks to Dr Phil

  13. One more thing, if I may. My abuser is in her seventies, and her gross crimes will never land her in jail, unlike male predators. Why is that, society? Are you afraid of them too, as much as i and the little boy are? Do they bully you to their ways too?

  14. I am sorry that you went through that anonymous. I will always protect my sons, and provide them with a healthy environment of trust. The woman who did this to you, and the woman who did this to her adopted son, should be thrown into burning hot water to show them what's in store for them when they reach the bowels of hell for all eternity!

  15. LDS Mom of three2/03/2011 8:04 AM

    I am the stepmother of one and the biological mother of two adult children, and never had the privilege of being a stay-at-home mom. I used timeouts, deprivation of treats/games, etc. I even used spanking, but only when the child put himself/herself or someone else in danger (disobediently going into the road, etc.) and never in anger. When I was angry, I never permitted myself to discipline until I "took 5" to calm down." On the other hand, I hugged and kissed and bragged on my children daily. They KNEW that whatever I did, I did from love. Today, my adult son, who works in a foreign country, wrote me that he is thankful that he grew up knowing he was loved because in the poverty stricken area he works, he sees so many who are not.
    I'm sure I made mistakes along the way, but my point is that discipline is not a sword of punishment: it is a multi-pronged tool including love, education so the child learns expectations and understands the punishment, and the appropriate punishment. A time out never exceeded the child's age in minutes plus 3 (5 year old = 8 minute max. timeout).
    I feel sorry for the Beagley's and their children. I'm just glad this woman DID reach out for help from Dr. Phil. Maybe it's not too late for this family to find healing as they move away from what I believe to be abusive and love-destroying behavior.
    Children will be disciplined in their lives. Parents must decide if they will discipline firmly, consistently, and with love, or if they are going to have society do so in the form of Youth Detention Centers and Juvenile courts, etc. I always opted to discipline my children by teaching them respect, love, and using appropriate punishment when necessary. Hopefully, Mrs. Beagley and others like her can learn that too.

  16. After reading this, I know without a doubt that Alaska is not a worthwhile investment for America. If you defend the physical and mental torture of a child, you are despicable. And evidently you are suggesting that a major portion of Alaska supports this kind of behavior. If that is so, the United States would be better off without you.

  17. About discipline in America
    Hello people,
    I am from Russia I lived here 16 years
    and grow up in Russia
    I were 2 h every day on the streets with another children when our mothers earned bread and butter
    my mother was single
    i was a perfect child
    and my friends too
    I mean boys from our apartments
    My mother never beat me, no souse and something else.We didn't afraid to be on the streets.
    We had a safe society without democracy.
    and today opposite:democracy without safe life.

    Read Sigmund Freight methods of control people
    one of them to be afraid that what she is doing
    Put "afraid" in boy mind.

    Normal woman can discipline
    She should be a woman not monster
    This is not police house or jail this is her house
    Let put her under cold water that bitch
    You let her under the water
    I wish Russians and will take her and put under the water in cold Alaska water so she would remember that treatment
    Man should be a center of her family
    woman should be soft and gentle and feminine
    Ask Jewish people why their children very good behave????Any suggestions for discipline?
    These boys need to go back to Russia and people will adopt them or they will stay under government
    I don't know if she did with her sons the same.
    Judge should cancel adoption
    Discipline children you should to know appropriate methods to do that
    People before marriage should be study how to be a parent
    That subject should be part of school study
    in USA or any other country
    is that Mormon church teaching them such behavior
    Our Cristian church better.
    Ashamed Alaska
    I grow up in Russia with other boys and never heard that boys in my apartments cried from parents abuse
    and they all good man now.She need only one child not 6 too many.
    no time for herself and no time for normal life
    People wake up!!!
    She is already angry, look on her under stress
    this country under constant stress!!!!
    People not having relaxed life style like in Europe .
    And please don't bring little babies to opera and restaurants and everywhere where adults should go!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Children brains not formed to hear all noises in restaurants and they will never run there.
    feed them with healthy home food that will be better without meat hormones will be even better!!!

  18. Woman need to be soft gentle and feminine
    and her husband need to be a man a head of family
    she is too aggressive because she is aggressive!
    A lot ow woman in this country aggressive
    They teach them here to be aggressive, bossy, pushy like man business .
    women need to be like man because man don't see them as business partner but see them as sex object.
    Look on french women they likable

    Too much coffee or hormones in the meat!!

  19. These people and their comments! I bet none that none of them have ever held hot tabasco sauce in their mouths! I bet they can't even tolerate hot, spicy wings! And for the cold shower: they should try it on themselves before they agree on cold showers in Alaska! I bet they would not give a cold shower to their own children!

  20. I'm wondering if the Beagleys were influenced by religious parenting "experts" like Michael and Debi Pearl. They also advocate cold showers as punishment, as well as continuing to physically punish your children until the are left "without breath to complain". Another religious couple who used the Pearl methods are going on trial in Paradise, Calf. this month for murdering their young adopted daughter in a calm, methodical discipline session, over her mispronunciation of a word in a homeschooling session. The problem that I see with teaching parents that the answer to behavior problems is repeated or even escalating physical punishments is what do the parents then do when the methods don't work? Unfortunately what they sometimes do if they have been taught that physical discipline is crucial, is that they ratchet up the severity or frequency or length of the punishment, leading to injury or death. The idea that we all know what constitutes an "acceptable" level of physical punishment against children is simply not true. It is different varying by the region of the country or the particular religious group you're talking to. I personally find it bizarre that we allow people to use any level of physical force against young children and even infants, when we don't allow that to be done to other adults. The vast majority of people posting here would probably say that a man who treated his wife this way was abusive. How is it better to do this to a child, who is much less able to control his emotions than an adult is? There's also the fact that this child is adopted, and has already gone through separation from parents and trauma, as had Lydia Schatz before she was murdered. In Lydia's case the idea that she could be punished into compliance led to her death. Someone asked why so many children in the Beagley family when the mother seems overwhelmed. While I can't speak to their particular situation, there are religious groups including fundamentalist Christian, Mormon, and Catholic that can sometimes pressure families to be larger than the parents may be able to handle financially or emotionally. The pressure not to use contraception is one part of this, but more recently there has also been pressure to adopt from foreign countries to spread your religious beliefs to the adopted child. Some refer to this movement as the "Quiverfull" movement. The pressure to have these large families, and in some cases the pressure on the mother to stay home and care for them and even homeschool when she may not be emotionally equipped to do this, can have terrible consequences. On the extreme end you have parents like the Schatz', or the couple who continued to have more children and to homeschool despite the wife's severe postpartum depressions, which led to the wife drowning all five of their children. By the way, I am in favor of firm limits, rules, and boundaries for children. I simply know that limits, rules, and boundaries do not have to equal physical punishment, and that research shows that children subjected to more harsh and humiliating physical punishments are more likely to grow up to be violent rather than the other way around. Just because every individual treated this way does not turn out to be violent does not negate that statistically these types of punishments do put children at higher risk for growing up to abuse their own children, spouses, and others.

  21. It's abuse.....If you think it isn't, you must have a warped sense of what discipline is.

  22. Anyone that thinks that what this evil woman has done is ok is freaking crazy. THAT is child abuse. Someone said he wasnt crying when he got the sauce. How could he? His mouth was full with hot sauce. Turn up the volume he is screaming. Cold water is good? Yes it is. When slowley poured over the feet moving slowley upward. Never like that... Punishment doesn't have to be painful. Obviously it isn't working. Ever heard of peacful parenting? Probably not. This poor poor child. I hope to god he is out of her home and somewhere safe God do I feel hate for that monster

  23. I wonder if she also used this same punishment on her natural born childeren? Has anyone examined her biological children of any abuse also? What is her 10 year old daughter, who video taped the entire punishment going to do to her own children?

  24. Rich says......Here are 2 little boys from Russia; who, according to reports, were in a very poor family situation. It is alleged that the mother was an alcoholic; the father was absent from the home. These little boys needed a
    loving home; with loving parents that would provide them with a much better life-American style! Unfortunately, they were adopted out to Mommie Dearest! A sadistic woman who took particular delight in punishing this defenseless little boy; rather than seeking out professional help in her hometown. No, she would rather have her 10 year old daughter become her accomplice in video-recording her form of corrective punishment on this small child-then, go on the Dr. Phil program to 'publicize' her form of discipline!! Quite disgusting!

  25. She is sadistic and completely out of control. This child would have been better off in the Russian orphanage, as bad as that setting may be. What she deserves is jail-time, a huge fine and perhaps a taste of her own "medicine." This woman is absolutely disgraceful.