Saturday, December 18, 2010

Over 500 Show Up For Sarah Palin's "America By Heart" Book Signing At Dimond Costco In Anchorage, Alaska Despite Single-Digit Temperatures

A crowd roughly estimated at somewhat over 500 people showed up at the Dimond Blvd. Costco Warehouse in Anchorage, Alaska on December 18th, 2010 to get their copies of "America By Heart" autographed and to even get a picture of Sarah Palin herself. Accompanying her was her husband Todd and their youngest daughter Piper.

The most detailed report was published by Alaska Dispatch, whose reporter actually got in line and braved the elements. Shorter reports were published by the Anchorage Daily News and KTUU Channel 2. There's also a brief post on Conservatives4Palin. As always, this post combines and summarizes the highlights of all the stories.

-- Anchorage Daily News gallery of 14 photos available HERE.

Even through Costco deployed portable toilets outside the night before, subzero cold was enough to keep even Alaskans away. People didn't start forming up until 6 A.M. By 9 A.M., 200 people were in line. The store was prepared to give out paper wrist bands to 1,000 customers, assuring the first 500 they would see Palin. The next 500 had no guarantee, but not nearly that many people showed up. So it is reasonable to estimate that over 500 showed up, but considerably less than the 1,000 expected.

No significant disturbances broke out, although security ejected at least two people. One was a woman wearing a "Worst Governor Ever" shirt, and the other was a known anti-Palin blogger spotted by Todd Palin. Alaska Dispatch confirmed the blogger to be Jesse Lee Griffin, who edits The Immoral Minority. Griffin posted about the encounter, and said things were going well until he told Todd his name. Then Todd's face darkened, he whispered something in Sarah's ear, and Sarah allegedly told Griffin "Oh, you are the one who is trying to destroy my children!" Griffin was then escorted out of the place, sans autograph.

One other unexpected glitch: The Alaska Dispatch reporter, Eric Christopher Adams, said that his standard Gold Card Membership was not enough to get him in the door to get a Palin autograph, even though he met all the other criteria. Only those who held the more expensive Executive Membership card could enter. But a Costco supervisor said all would be forgiven, and line privileges returned in exchange for providing a one-time $50 membership fee (presumably to upgrade to Executive Membership). This is a distinction of which I was unaware and I don't believe Costco published in advance. Considering that fewer people than expected showed up, it was not a good business decision by Costco.

Mudflats continues to publish a chapter-by chapter analysis of "America By Heart", but be advised the Mudflats review is significantly anti-Palin. All the Mudflats reviews are available via this tag, except for Chapter 2, which Jeanne Devon forgot to tag.

Reaction: As expected, the anklebiters have mobbed the ADN comment boards; PDS rages almost unchecked. But there are a few intrepid defenders of Sarah Palin:

richardscommonsense Today 07:11 PM:
If anyone has any doubt whatsoever that hate is a liberal the comments on here concerning Sarah Palin . Liberals not only have zero tolerance for anyone they disagree with .....the feel the need to attack that person personally . If you don't want Sarah's book...don't buy it ! To say you'll never shop Costco again because they allowed those that wanted it to buy it and get it signed at their store is pathetic. When one reads the hatefull comments towards Palin and those that dare write a comment supporting her...its clear that these people have one or more things going on: they have ulterior motives concerning future elections and / or they have personal issues such as low self esteem and jealousy . There is absolutly nothing Sarah Palin has done so wrong to deserve this level of hate. Nothing.

Falaskan 47 minutes ago in reply to ohok100:
and "putting herself under the public microscope" means she deserves to be hated like she is? Besides the fact that she probably will always be the hottest governor ever, I am not a big fan, but the level of hate that compete strangers spew about her daily is absurd to say the least. There is nothing anyone could do, except perhaps ppl like Bin Ladin, that should deserve such hate. It doesn't really make sense to me. I think the reason the media knocks her so much is because they either hate her for her values, or they want her to be the Republican nominee so Obama gets an easy second term.

Adam Wood 40 minutes ago in reply to ghhugh:
Just exactly how many books have you written? And how many signings of your own book have you attended?

And while you're busy trying to grasp for that answer, please tell us all what terms your publisher set out for your book signings: the where, the when, who would fund what, and from whence the books were allowed to be brought.

Get back to us when you've actually been there.


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  3. Overheard at Costco: "Why can't she hawk her books at Barnes & Noble?"

  4. She is a suckers bait(jew).

  5. When did she have time to write a book?????????????

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