Sunday, December 26, 2010

Cashiered KTVA Channel 11 Producer Carolyn Kuckertz Lands Gig As Press Secretary For The Alaska Senate Majority Coalition

On December 26th, 2010, Alaska Ear columnist Sheila Toomey mentioned in passing that Carolyn Kuckertz, one of two producers with KTVA Channel 11 who was fired on November 2nd over the Joe Miller "Phonegate" caper, has landed on her feet, snagging a gig as press secretary for the Alaska Senate Majority Coalition. The other cashiered producer was Clint Bennett, who's now the morning show producer at KTUU Channel 2. KTVA reporter Matt Simon also left the station shortly thereafter; Dispatch believes he resigned in protest of the firings.

Kuckertz, who brings 15 years of media experience to the position, will begin her new job in Juneau on January 3rd. She and her new deputy, James Sullivan of Juneau, were selected from a field of over twenty applicants with outstanding credentials. Senate President Gary Stevens (R-Kodiak) said “I am greatly looking forward to having Carolyn and James staffing the Majority Press Office this coming year. Their energy and experience will be a genuine asset to our diverse membership in getting the public and the press the information they need about the issues we will be dealing with in the Capitol.”

Carolyn Kuckertz and Clint Bennett were both fired from KTVA Channel 11 back on November 2nd, 2010 in the wake of an October 28th incident in which they were heard discussing the Joe Miller campaign over the phone. Since they did not disconnect their phone connection properly after talking with Joe Miller campaign publicist Randy DeSoto, their subsequent conversation was audible to DeSoto. And they were talking rather frankly about scenarios, to the point to where it appeared they were hoping to link Joe Miller with a child molester. It turned out they were just playing "what if", but the resultant furor got them fired.

Kuckertz also has a Twitter site, but her last entry was on October 27th, and she does not discuss her firing. Also of interest is the fact that her mother, Sue Kuckertz, lives in Valdez. Sue was the subject of a KTVA report about cancer back in July 2008; at the time, she was battling skin cancer, but was getting the upper hand.


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