Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Planned Parenthood Suit To Overturn Alaska's Parental Notification Law Triggers Criticism By Pro-Family Lobby; Has Abortion Become A Slow-Motion Holocaust?

Update December 13th: Superior Court Judge John Suddock rejected the request from Planned Parenthood to invalidate the parental notification law, but did make some changes to it.

The outrageous decision by the notorious pro-abortion group Planned Parenthood of the Great Northwest to file suit to delay or deny implementation of the parental notification law freely chosen by Alaska voters on August 24th, 2010 is triggering a firestorm of criticism from the pro-family lobby. As documented in this previous post, Planned Parenthood claims the law violates the rights of minors seeking abortions, infringes upon the privacy rights of minors seeking abortions, and violates plaintiff's rights to due process, and asks a Superior Court judge to stop the proposed December 14th, 2010 implementation of the law.

-- Read the 37-page complaint HERE.
-- Read the 60-page motion for preliminary injunction HERE.

Reaction is now surfacing from a multitude of sources, to include the Alaska Department of Law, Jim Minnery of the Alaska Family Council, the Catholic Anchor, and KFQD talk show host Dan Fagan via The Alaska Standard.

-- Alaska Department of Law: A rather limp-wristed, equivocal response. Spokesman Bill McAllister merely said that state will likely defend the parental notification measure, as it generally does when state laws are challenged. Well whoop-dee-doo; isn't that what they're paid to do?

-- Jim Minnery: Said the measure's supporters (specifically, Alaskans for Parental Rights) will likely try to intercede in the state case to ensure the law takes effect. Minnery also noted that "It seems like every time that Planned Parenthood fails in the court of public opinion or in the Legislature they are going to go to the courts and see if they can push it through that way. But we're pretty confident". Neither the Alaska Family Council nor Alaskans for Parental Rights have posted reactions on their respective websites yet.

-- Catholic Anchor Online: In this article, Catholic Anchor notes that "Planned Parenthood claims the law violates the privacy of the girls — but it says nothing of the parents who would be kept in the dark about their teen girls and who would have to pay for medical expenses related to potential botched abortions".

-- The Alaska Standard: The most fiery reaction has come from KFQD conservative talk show host Dan Fagan, who's been an uncompromising and articulate advocate of traditional family values. Fagan not only correctly characterizes Planned Parenthood as "evil", but even goes so far as to suggest they might be more evil than al-Qaeda. Fagan writes, "Assuming abortion is the taking of an innocent life, and in my opinion that is not an assumption but reality, a legit argument could be made that Planned Parenthood is the most evil organization of our time even surpassing Al Qaeda. Planned Parenthood ended the life of more than 300,000 Americans last year alone. Al Qaeda can only hope to kill that many of us".

Update December 13th: Superior Court Judge John Suddock denied Planned Parenthood's request to invalidate the parental notification law, but he did make two significant changes. He removed provisions calling for a fine of up to $1,000 and imprisonment of up to five years for people who violate the law, and he also struck a section allowing physicians to be liable for damages. Planned Parenthood plans to appeal.

Admittedly, characterizing Planned Parenthood as more evil than al-Qaeda may be hyperbolic; after all, Planned Parenthood doesn't go around chanting "Death to America", and they haven't hijacked any planes lately. But one could make a case that abortion has become a slow-motion Holocaust. In October 2007, Voice Of Deseret wrote, "However, there has been an ongoing genocide taking place right here in the United States since the Roe v. Wade decision was rendered in 1973. At nearly 50 million victims, I would think it would easily qualify for holocaust status. I am referring, of course, to the ongoing American Holocaust against the Unborn. The precise number, supplied by the Alan Gutmacher Institute (AGI) via the National Right-to-Life website, is 48,589,993 from 1973-2004 (extrapolation since that time would increase this total to approximately 50 million as of this year)".

It is for the latter reason that an earlier post by Dan Fagan is disturbing. Fagan revealed that one of the 35 non-profit organizations participating in the annual Mitzvah Mall, a December 5th holiday bazaar hosted by Congregation Beth Sholom, a Reform Jewish synagogue in Anchorage, will be Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood, which in past years has promoted a “Choice on Earth” abortion campaign during the Christmas season, is now offering gift certificates which can be used toward paying for abortions. Considering that Jews endured a Holocaust in Europe during World War II which claimed the lives of an estimated 3.8 million of them, as presently recorded on the Central Database of Shoah Victims' Names at the Yad Vashem Center, it is incomprehensible why a Jewish congregation would associate itself to a similar campaign against unborn babies. Update: The original source, Catholic Anchor, now reveals that Planned Parenthood was NOT offering gift certificates to pay for abortions; instead, Planned Parenthood was accepting donations to help pay for birth control pills, education opportunities and other services.

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