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Liveblogging The 2010 Alaska General Election Results; Lisa Murkowski In The Catbird Seat

The results of the 2010 Alaska general election are now filtering in. They were first posted only in PDF format on the Division of Elections website so far, but are now also available in HTML format. They are also now being posted on the Anchorage Daily News website.

Alaska Dispatch is live-blogging the election, providing stories HERE. Anchorage Daily News gallery of 47 photos available HERE.

Update #5 (final): As of 2:37 A.M., with 99 percent of precincts counted:

U.S. Senate: Joe Miller further slips to 6.8 percent behind
-- Write-in Votes: 81876, 41.00 percent
-- Joe Miller (R): 68288, 34.20 percent
-- Scott McAdams (D): 47414, 23.74 percent

Joe Miller has no intention of conceding; he remains confident that he can win. The state mailed more than 30,000 absentee ballots but won't begin counting them until next Tuesday. Until those are counted, it's premature for the race to be considered a Murkowski victory.

Update #4: As of 12:40 A.M., with 88 percent of precincts counted:

U.S. Senate: Joe Miller now slips 5.4 percent behind.
-- Write-In Votes: 77587, 40.18 percent
-- Joe Miller (R): 67087, 34.74 percent
-- Scott McAdams (D): 46444, 24.05 percent

Meanwhile, Joe Miller ain't quitting or conceding. Miller wouldn't talk to reporters on election night. "We're a little disappointed, straight up," Miller campaign manager Robert Campbell said. "You can't be happy with five points down, and I think it would be silly for us to say otherwise." Campbell saw no scenario where Miller would concede before the hand count. Lawyers are on their way to Alaska to help Miller battle over the numbers, and the National Republican Senatorial Committee will assist in the effort, Campbell said.

Update #3: The U.S. Senate race is the only one of the races previously monitored that is still an issue; the others are settled. As of 11:10 P.M., with 70 percent of precincts counted:

U.S. Senate: Joe Miller now slipping further behind once again.
-- Write-In Votes: 68690, 39.44 percent
-- Joe Miller (R): 61448, 35.28 percent
-- Scott McAdams (D): 42306, 24.29 percent

If there are enough write-in ballots, the issue will come up of how many wrote in Murkowski's name. Alaska's computerized voting system shows how many voters filled in the oval for a write-in candidate but not the actual name the voter wrote in. The write-in ballots are only opened to look at the name if there are more of them than votes for the leading candidate, or if the number of write-in ballots is within .5 percent of the frontrunner. That count would begin November 18th and be expected to last three days. The campaigns have been getting ready for the court challenges over "voter intent" that would be expected to follow. Minor misspellings are probably OK but simply writing "Lisa M," for example, could be a problem.

Update #2: As of 10:30 P.M., with 58 percent of precincts counted:

U.S. Senate: Joe Miller starting to close the gap; there's still hope.
-- Write-In Votes: 59319, 39.15 percent
-- Joe Miller (R): 53824, 35.53 percent
-- Scott McAdams (D): 36855, 24.33 percent

U.S. House: Don Young formally projected to be the winner.
-- Don Young (R): 102158, 67.92 percent
-- Harry Crawford (D): 47520, 31.59 percent

Governor: Sean Parnell has it in the bag.
-- Parnell/Treadwell (R): 89768, 59.22 percent
-- Berkowitz/Benson (D): 57549, 37.97 percent

Retain Judge Richard Postma: Looks like he will be rejected.
-- NO: 49618, 55.29 percent
-- YES: 40116, 44.71 percent

Retain Justice Dana Fabe: The No vote closing the gap, but she'll probably survive.
-- YES: 73877, 52.83 percent
-- NO: 65973, 47.17 percent

Update #1: As of 9:40 P.M., with 40 percent of precincts counted:

U.S. Senate:
-- Write-In Votes: 38727, 39.45 percent
-- Joe Miller (R): 33990, 34.62 percent
-- Scott McAdams (D): 24,430, 24.88 percent

U.S. House:
-- Don Young (R): 65528, 67.22 percent
-- Harry Crawford (D): 31487, 32.30 percent

-- Parnell/Treadwell (R): 56992, 58.01 percent
-- Berkowitz/Benson (D): 38383, 39.07 percent

Retain Judge Richard Postma:
-- NO: 31847, 54.68 percent
-- YES: 26396, 45.32 percent

Retain Justice Dana Fabe:
-- YES: 48217, 53.14 percent
-- NO: 42517, 46.86 percent

First results: With 27.6 percent of the precincts counted, here are the key results (as of 8:53 P.M.):

U.S. Senate:
-- Write-in Votes: 27142 39.44 percent
-- Miller, Joe (R): 23504 34.15 percent
-- McAdams, Scott (D): 17424, 25.32 percent

U.S. House
-- Young, Don (R): 45423, 66.46 percent
-- Crawford, Harry (D): 22586, 33.05 percent

-- Parnell/Treadwell (R): 39517, 57.37 percent
-- Berkowitz and Benson (R): 27394, 39.77 percent

Retain Judge Richard Postma
-- NO: 21725, 54.38 percent
-- YES: 18226, 45.62 percent

Retain Justice Dana Fabe
-- YES: 34130, 53.80 percent
-- NO: 29306 46.20 percent

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