Sunday, November 21, 2010

CNN Interview: TSA Chief John Pistole Affirms Aggressive Patdown Screening To Continue, Takes Responsibility For No-Notice Implementation

Transportation Security Administration chief John Pistole may be a hardliner, but at least he doesn't try to sugarcoat it or apologize for it. On Sunday November 21st, 2010, Pistole appeared on Candy Crowley's State of the Union program and defended the procedure. Pistole explained that although he understood public discomfort over having a stranger touch the buttocks, breasts and genitals in trying to find possible hidden explosives, he still considers the extra screening necessary. Video below (because of high demand, there may be more buffering than usual):


-- Few passengers face the enhanced pat-down; only those who trigger an initial safety alarm in the metal detector or document-screening, and then refuse to go through the advanced visual screening.

-- "Horror stories" about the enhanced pat-down characterized as inaccurate or as misinformation.

-- Travelers received little advance warning of the enhanced screening procedures, and therefore those who faced the more thorough pat-down were likely caught by surprise. This was because Pistole also wanted to catch prospective terrorists by surprise, too.

One Congressional critic, Rep. John Mica (R-FL), said that the roll-out was bad and the specific application even worse. He called for minimizing enhanced screening for travelers who clearly pose no security risk. Mica also cited Israel's use of passenger profiling based on travel history, age and other factors to determine more likely security risks. But Pistole said the United States doesn't use the same kind of profiling, and he also noted that travelers who trigger a security question in Israel also undergo a rigorous pat-down.

Is that so? A couple of commenters on Riehl World View described experiences with Israeli security, and they weren't using pat-downs, certainly not on a regular basis:

Posted by: Maurice | Sunday, November 21, 2010 at 04:12 PM:
Fact is, as in the story in the first comment, Israeli security is smarter and better. I flew El Al in 2008 to and from Israel. They had us in a line, went up individually to young men or women who had something like music stands where they put their paperwork, and asked us questions. It didn't feel like a "grilling", was pleasant enough and straightforward enough.

And no one felt up my "junk", nor was I irradiated...

Posted by: scr_north | Sunday, November 21, 2010 at 03:10 PM:
I read a story a few years back from a fellow that was travelling in the middle east. I wish I could find it now but the gist of it was that this middle aged fellow was travelling alone with minimal baggage. He had been planning this trip for some time and was travelling El Al. While he was waiting in the departure lounge (I think it was Tel Aviv but this can happen in any El Al departure lounge) a very pretty young woman came up to him and started a conversation. She indicated that she was travelling as well and they had a wide ranging discussion about all sorts of things. The author had his ego boosted by this obviously bright, good looking young woman paying attention to him and finding him so interesting. After some time (I think the author thought it was almost an hour) the young lady said her goodbye's and left.

He found out later (through friends) that the young lady was El Al security and was probably former Mossad or Military Intelligence. He must have tripped some sort of profiling warning and he had been expertly interrogated in the nicest possible way and determined not to be a threat. This is just one of the ways that El Al works to protect themselves and their passengers.

There is nothing wrong with profiling. It's just the progressives/liberals bending over backwards in order not to "offend" our enemies.

Agreed. It was 19 men of Middle Eastern origin who hijacked four airliners on September 11th, 2001. It was five more men, also of Middle Eastern origin, who cheered on a New Jersey rooftop while the WTC towers were collapsing. Therefore, you do NOT grope three-year-old girls and 70-year-old grannies just to prove a point. Profiling is appropriate, when done professionally and with dignity. When's the last time an El Al airliner has been hijacked?

Equality and diversity should NEVER be allowed to trump safety.

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