Saturday, November 27, 2010

Career Criminal Phillip Moore Arrested For Robbing Good Samaritan At Gunpoint Near Big Lake, Alaska; Has 36 Prior Entries In Alaska Court System Database

On the evening of Thursday November 25th, 2010, a 21-year-old woman was driving along South Big Lake Road near Big Lake, Alaska when she encountered a man who appeared to be a stranded motorist. When she stopped to offer help, he showed his gratitude by brandishing a gun and taking her money, then fled in his own vehicle. Supplemental story by the Anchorage Daily News. Here's the official report from the Alaska State Troopers:

Location: Big Lake

Case Number: 10-111330

Type: Robbery I/Assault in the Third Degree/Theft II

Text: On 11-25-10 at 1840 hours Troopers received a report of an armed robbery that had just occurred on a road near Big Lake. A 21 year old female reported she had stopped to help a stranded motorist. The female was confronted by the motorist, who had a handgun and demanded her money. The male then fled in his vehicle. Investigators later identified the suspect as 25 year old Phillip Moore of Wasilla. Moore was remanded at Matsu Pretrial on charges of Robbery in the First Degree, Assault in the Third Degree and Theft in the Second Degree. His bail was set at $20,000 and court approved third party. Received Friday, November 26, 2010 2:26 PM and posted Friday, November 26, 2010 2:20 PM.

As of November 27th, Moore is still in jail. Listed as Phillip E. Moore II, with a date of birth of June 29th, 1984 in the Alaska Court System database, the details of this case are available HERE.

But this barely begins to scratch the surface. Another section of the database shows 36 additional entries on Phillip E. Moore II dating back to 1997. Most of them are for traffic violations, most notably speeding. However, there are some serious felonies indicated:

-- Case No. 3PA-05-00134CR, January 14th 2005: Two counts Misdemeanor Assault 4 - Recklessly Injure, three counts Misdemeanor Assault 4 - Cause Fear Of Injury, one count Misdemeanor Interference w/ Report of DV Crime, one count Misdemeanor Reckless Endangerment, two counts Misdemeanor Criminal Mischief 4 - Property Damage $50-$499, and one count Driving Without Valid Operator's License.

-- Case No. 3PA-05-01093CR, May 8th 2005: Three counts Felony Forgery 2 - Legal Documents, three counts Misdemeanor Theft 3 - Value $50-$499.

-- Case No. 3PA-08-00047CR, January 8th 2008: Two counts Misdemeanor Theft 2 - Value $500-$24,999.

-- Case No. 3PA-07-00525CI, October 1st 2007: Amanda Evans sought DV ExParte Restraining Order against Phillip Moore.

Phillip Moore is definitely a career criminal. The huge number of traffic violations compiled before his first violent crime should have tipped someone off that Moore was a person who merely thought the law was just an unnecessary obstruction to be disregarded at his discretion. Now he's graduated to armed robbery.

He needs to do some serious time; ten years at minimum.


  1. If people knew the real Phillip Moore and the reasons for so many of his charges the way I do you would look at him in a whole differant light.The good samaritan case was such a sham! He had been meeting one of the girls in the car,the lies that the newspapers wrote shouldnt have been allowed,One of the girls in the car ended up doing time also,the only one who didnt, was the girl who planned the whole mess up (drug deal gone bad and big fat lie about a gun) No gun involved at all)!! His DV on Amanda Evans was a chair thrown across the room that scared her,well i would be scared also if i wouldnt tell a father where his son was after you leave him at a drug dealers house,If you look further into the story, Phillip ends up with full custody of his son.(A hard worker who payed an attorney loads! To get his son and then buy a home and ,,try to have a family and be a good dad.People beleive everything they read or hear its sad,The people involved in this horriable insident all know who you are and all the lies that were told! Nobody digs in and reports the whole truth and nothing but the truth,And people think if arrested your guilty not inecent till proven guilty,shame on you all and the reporters that report without finding out the whole truth! Just like the one about the girl who shot at the men in car after running from her home because it was a robbery gone bad (a dope deal gone bad) If your going to tell the stories and report at least dig a little deeper and find out the truth!! It wouldnt take that much more checking,The police dont know what they are doing they go out and play cops and robbers without a clue.So many people go to jail who are charged with crimes they didnt commit or the truth isnt listened to.What has happen to our society,carrer crimanals are people who dont have the people that are involed in their crime,not involed,there were involment on some kind of level in each crime from each person all the way down to the good samaritan -(drug dealer) what a joke. Now there is a young boy out there without his father who loved him more then life it self growing up with no dad and watch out because the rest of the perpertraters that were involed their still out there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Who ever you are you know you are right,I have seen this kind of antisocial behavior before.It starts out with an idea,then other people who cant think for themselves follow the leader. Your part where you stated about reporters not finding out about the truth and you know where they get their information-from the court charges that are filed at the court house,Alot of the charges that are filed end up being dropped or the courts make these deals with the criminals just to get rid of the case,they are so over loaded with cases I think they flip a coin and see who they will hang and who they wont today!Palmer court has become so over crowded with cases the poor public defenders dont have time to even know the persons name they are trying to help more less try to find out what if the person just might be innocent. I have seen people take deals from the court Im talking innocent people ,because it will get them out of jail time served instead of having to sit in the pre-trial for one more minute.
    Another topic that has got my goat in the past is this third party rule,they use it as part of bail conditions all the time now. I dont know if the people know where the third party act came about,but it went something like this. of coarse depending on the crime,well third parties were brought into play for the poor person who had no monies so they would use a third party instead.Not monies and a third party,they throw a third party at everyone (almost) that needs to get out of jail.people who have jobs to get to families to take care of,all the courts are doing is making bad situations so much worse,families all over are in hardship. Its all about the money and you know the ol saying money talks and b__ls--t stays in jail in this case.I know its the only system we have but someone needs to take a good look at what this country is doing.We have so many of our young boys in prisons now learning how to become better crimanals when we could have them helping work off their punishments ,get on with their lives and not ruin their whole lives,Most of the crimes that are commited if you look into it Drugs,those damn drugs are the main facter that made the crime happen.Build more rehabs cheaper for the people that cant affford these country clubs,thats what they need,not prisons that educate our young on how to become better cimanals.