Thursday, October 14, 2010

Murkowski Flak Steve Wackowski Denies That Lisa Murkowski Ever Used Cocaine, But Dan Riehl Stands By His Story; Rick Helms Claims He Was Misinterpreted

And the hits just keep on coming...On October 14th, 2010, Alaska Dispatch reports that the Murkowski campaign has officially denied that Senator Lisa Murkowski has ever used cocaine. The denial came in the wake of a post on Riehl World View alleging that Murkowski used cocaine recreationally prior to the start of her political career in 1998, and citing a former opponent, Rick Helms, as an authoritative source.

Alaska Dispatch wrote, "Steve Wackowski, Murkowski's communications director, said the campaign Wednesday night Tweeted the charges are not true, and on Thursday he reiterated that they are 'absolutely untrue'".

As for Rick Helms, he told Alaska Dispatch he didn't think Dan Riehl quoted him accurately. He said the handwritten note from Murkowski, in which she allegedly said she would hold him to his word that he wouldn't bring up unsubstantiated accusations of cocaine use during the 1998 campaign for House District 14, no longer exists. Helms added that he has no idea as to the validity of those accusations. Helms does not want to encourage further speculation on this issue.

The timing of the coke story is being questioned by some as opportunistic, considering that it was published on the same day Jim Whitaker launched his attack on Joe Miller. But Murkowski has faced these accusations before, although never publicly. They were not published at that time because reporters could find no evidence to buttress the allegations. There is no evidence that the Joe Miller campaign was behind the coke story, nor have they sought to exploit it.

As for Dan Riehl, he stands by his story. First, he ridicules Murkowski, indirectly referring to her as "Lina McCokeski". Then in this post, he writes (in apparent response to Shannyn Moore) "As for Murkowski, they aren't "my" allegations. They came from multiple sources in Alaska, ones I even doubled back on to check their credibility". Riehl then wraps it up by writing, "Frankly, I don't even care about the cocaine use, though one thing I heard was particularly hilarious, if true. What I want to know is, are you just as you appear to be, someone who feels entitled to make rules and pass laws without being accountable to them yourself? I just wanted to be clear, since we're evidently just talking out here, and all".

Update: In a third post, Dan Riehl really takes Alaska Dispatch to task for apparently misrepresenting Rick Helms in their story, referring to Dispatch reporter Craig Medred throughout with endearments such as "lazy, half-assed hack" and "head ass-picker". C'mon Dan, don't hold back; tell us how you really feel. LOL!

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