Saturday, October 23, 2010

CNN's Anderson Cooper Calls Out NAACP Overseer Ben Jealous On Tea Party Nationalism Report, Accuses The NAACP Of Being Opportunistic

Making the news on October 20th, 2010 was a report sponsored by the NAACP which attempts to link the Tea Party with white nationalist groups and militias. The report, called "Tea Party Nationalism", uses news articles, visits to white nationalist websites and observance of tea party functions to claim that tea party events have become a forum for extremists hoping to push these (white) protesters toward a more self-conscious and ideological white "supremacy". Its findings cite that members of groups such as the Council of Conservative Citizens, which opposes all efforts to mix the races of mankind, have become involved in tea party chapters, and that posters on the online white nationalist website have written of infiltrating tea party events.

The report was issued by the Kansas City, Mo.-based Institute for Research and Education on Human Rights, which is funded, in part, by the liberal Firedoll Foundation. The paper was authored by Devin Burghart and Leonard Zeskind, both of whom have written widely about white nationalism. Like the Southern Poverty Law Center, the Institute and Zeskind have a pronounced left-wing bias. And it's this bias, along with the opportunistic timing of the report's release just two weeks before the election, that CNN's Anderson Cooper quizzes NAACP overseer Ben Jealous on during a recent program. Watch how Cooper sinks his rhetorical teeth into Jealous and refuses to let go, while Jealous repeatedly evades giving direct answers to Cooper's questions in the LiveLeak video below:

The anti-white bigotry of Leonard Zeskind was further exposed during a speech he delivered at the July 11th NAACP National Convention, when he referred to Tea Partiers as "ultra-nationalists (or super patriots) who are defending their special pale-skinned privileges and power". Not only does this reflect the Saul Alinsky tactic of tarring all Tea Partiers with the same brush, but it also reflects the false doctrine of white privilege, promoted primarily by white and Jewish anti-racists to sow indecision, guilt and despair within the white community. The Council of Conservative Citizens documents Zeskind's record of radical left-wing activism and Communist ties HERE.

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