Thursday, October 14, 2010

Alaska Republican Boss Randy Ruedrich Rebuts Jim Whitaker's Accusations About Use Of Office Computers For Proxy Voting By Joe Miller

Randy Ruedrich
In response to former Fairbanks-North Star Borough Jim Whitaker's disclosure that Joe Miller allegedly used office computers to engage in partisan political activity against Alaska Republican Party Chairman Randy Ruedrich back in March 2008 while still employed as a borough attorney, Ruedrich stepped forward late on October 13th, 2010, and partially rebutted Whitaker's contention.

The Fairbanks Daily News-Miner updated their original article to include Ruedrich's response. Ruedrich states that Whitaker’s accusations about proxy voting do not make sense. “There is no proxy process at the state convention, therefore the allegations that anyone voted with state computers to influence the party’s chairman process is wrong,” Ruedrich said. Ruedrich also questioned Whitaker’s motives for coming forward given his endorsement for Barack Obama in 2008 which led to then-mayor speaking at the Democratic National Convention, and noted that despite Whitaker's statement asserting that he has not contributed to either Lisa Murkowski's campaign or Joe Miller's campaign, Whitaker has been closely associated with Murkowski since they were both in the state legislature around 2000.

Whitaker did note in his original statement that he did not personally witness Miller misusing office computers, but was informed of the incident by his chief of staff, the borough attorney and the personnel director. Whitaker also said Miller was otherwise a competent attorney and that he was not aware of any other problems with Miller while mayor. The Miller campaign continues to choose not to respond to these allegations.

The fact that Randy Ruedrich has flocked to the defense of Joe Miller despite being targeted for replacement as party chairman by Miller in 2008 is to Ruedrich's credit, and indicates the possibility that Jim Whitaker may have been misled by those who want to undermine Miller. Release of Miller's personnel records could clear up the mystery -- and perhaps resolve the issue in a manner more favorable to Joe Miller. It could reveal it as little more than just another tempest in a teapot.

The problem is that there have just been too many tempests in too many teapots during the Miller campaign. Even conservative talk-show host Dan Fagan, who switched his support from Lisa Murkowski to Joe Miller on the eve of the August 24th primary, concedes in this Anchorage Press article that Miller has only a three in 10 chance of winning. But Fagan still writes:

The shame is Joe is very much like you or me. We all took our permanent fund check last week while we preach against the entitlement culture. Are we all hypocrites? Maybe. Is our government mortgaging our children’s future with its trillions in deficit spending? You bet. The only difference between you and me and Joe is Joe is the one with the guts to throw it all on the line to make a difference, warts and all.

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  1. Hats off to Ruedrich! In this day of dirty political pandering, it is refreshing to see this happen.