Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Alaska Proposition B To Provide $397.2 Million In General Obligation Funds For Education-Related Projects In November 2010 Election

Three statewide initiatives on the November 2010 ballot in Alaska have been overshadowed by hot political races. These initiatives include Propositions A and B (a pair of bonding propositions), and Ballot Measure 1 (reorganization of state legislature). I previously discussed Proposition A HERE; this post is designed to provide some background and publicity on Proposition A. Ballot Measure 1 is now addressed HERE. Primary information source is the Alaska Division of Elections website.

Bonding Proposition B - State General Obligation Library, Education, and Educational Research Facility Bonds, $397,200,000. Specific ballot language given below (where available, links to project descriptions supplied):

"Shall the State of Alaska issue its general obligation bonds in the principal amount of not more than $397,200,000 for the purpose of design and construction of library, education and educational research facilities?"

This proposition was enabled by Alaska HB424. The specific language of HB424 outlines the intended purposes:

-- Department of Education and Early Development: The amount of $38,500,000 is allocated for the following projects:
---- Mount Edgecumbe High School aquatic facility, $20,000,000
---- State Library, Archives, and Museum facility, 18,500,000

-- Department of Education and Early Development: The amount of $128,500,000 is allocated for the following projects (Fairbanks Daily News-Miner story provides more background):
---- Replacement of Alakanuk K-12 School, Lower Yukon: $46,500,000
---- Renovation/addition for Kipnuk K-12 School, Lower Kuskokwim: $49,900,000
---- Renovation/addition for Kwigillingok K-12 School, Lower Kuskokwim: $32,100,000

-- University of Alaska system: The amount of $128,500,000 is allocated for the following projects:
---- Valley center for art & learning, UA Mat-Su campus: $23,500,000
---- Community arena and athletic facility, UAA: $60,000,000
---- Life science classroom and laboratory facility, UAF: $88,000,000
---- Student housing, UA Kenai campus: $16,000,000
---- Career and technical education center, UA Kenai campus: $14,500,000
---- Campus renovation & renewal, Prince William Sound Comm. College: $5,000,000

-- Department of Fish & Game: The amount of $20,000,000 has been allocated for the Near Island Research Facility in Kodiak.

-- Department of Commerce, Community, and Economic Development: The amount of $3,200,000 has been allocated to the City of Klawock for Prince of Wales Island Vocational Education Center.

Legislative History: On April 12th, 2010, the House passed HB424 unanimously, 40-0. On April 18th, the Senate passed it 20-0, but with amendments. On the same day, the House passed the amended version 40-0.

Update October 11th: A group called Yes On Prop B has been formed to advocate in favor of the bond. One of the primary players is Arliss Sturgulewski
, an ardent supporter of Lisa Murkowski. Note that this bond will NOT affect local property taxes.

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