Monday, September 27, 2010

Memory Lane: Anchorage, Alaska Remembers The September 1971 Meeting Between President Richard M. Nixon And Japanese Emperor Hirohito

Al Bramstedt, the general manager for KTUU Channel 2, was in Anchorage on September 26th, 1971 when the airliner carrying Japanese Emperor Hirohito stopped in Anchorage, Alaska for a fuel stop. Hirohito was the first Japanese emperor reported to have ever stepped on foreign soil, and Richard Nixon was here to greet him. At the time, Bramstedt worked behind the scenes as part of a camera pool; his job was to film the meeting for broadcast across the nation and around the world. “It was a huge event because of its significance, plus it was the lead story for weeks in advance -- every night in the news, lead story in the local news: ‘Emperor Hirohito and Nixon coming to Anchorage,’” Bramstedt said.

And so KTUU has published a story (links to three other videos):


According to an October 1975 People article, the fuel stop was not a precursor to a visit to the Lower 48, but a trip to Europe, where they retraced the itinerary taken by Hirohito as a prince in 1921. Their trip included stops in London, Bonn and, in Paris, a nostalgic call on the Duke of Windsor, who was the Prince of Wales on the earlier trip. Hirohito's first visit to the Lower 48 wouldn't come until 1975.

The photo below shows Richard Nixon greeting Hirohito with the slight bow that implies a relationship between equals:

Contrast it with the disgusting photo below showing Barack Obama bowing obsequiously from the waist to the current Emperor Akihito making it appear to be a relationship between unequals.

We had a real President back in 1971.

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