Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Justice Finally Served: Nicholas Showers-Glover Sentenced To 66 Years For March 2007 Murder And Assault In Anchorage, Alaska

The friends and relatives of Kori Johnson and Jennifer Olson will undoubtedly feel a sense of relief at the news that Nicholas Showers-Glover was sentenced to 101 years and 6 months prison on Tuesday September 21st, 2010, although 35 years of the sentence will be suspended, leading to a de facto total of 66 years. He was originally to be sentenced in May 2010, but it was postponed pending a mental evaluation. It was eventually determined that Showers-Glover was faking symptoms of schizophrenia.

On October 29th, 2009, Showers-Glover was found guilty of first-degree murder, second-degree murder, attempted murder, first-degree assault and third-degree assault in the March 2nd, 2007 shooting of 22-year-old Kori Johnson and 18-year-old Jennifer Olson. Olson subsequently died of her wounds. For background on this case, you can review all previous posts HERE, beginning with the most recent post.

-- Read Glover's Alaska Court System records HERE.

This crime was so heinous and the attitude of the perp so flippant that not even the local civil rights "reverends" Dr. Alonzo Patterson and Dr. William Green could make any excuses for Showers-Glover. Patterson has a reputation for downplaying black crime; he openly questioned the Anchorage Police Department's account of the death of his 24-year-old grandson Kenneth Robinson, who fatally shot himself as police had closed in and were preparing to arrest him for the shooting of Officer Jean Mills.

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