Sunday, September 19, 2010

Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski Takes The Fire On CNN's State Of The Union Program; Status Of Former Campaign Manager John Bitney Clarified

Just two days after announcing her intention to continue her campaign as a write-in candidate, Senator Lisa Murkowski appeared on CNN's "State Of The Union" program on Sunday September 19th, 2010 to "take the fire", so to speak. To her credit, host Candy Crowley asked Murkowski some tough questions and fed her no softballs; Crowley published her "postgame analysis" HERE. Additional analysis published by the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner and on CQPolitics.

Murkowski reiterated that she decided to run as a write-in after the "outpouring of support" from Alaskans. She claims to best define the "values of Alaska". She further claimed that only 11.9 percent of all Alaskans supported Joe Miller and 3.4 percent supported the Democratic candidate (who she refused to identify by name) during the primary. Of course, Murkowski neglected to mention that only 34 percent of Alaskans voted in the primary election, which means that the percentage of active voters alone who supported Miller and Scott McAdams respectively would be larger.

Senator Murkowski also criticized Joe Miller for soliciting the support of Tea Party Express outsiders during the primary campaign, while failing to explain why she set up a conference call to what was termed “supporters and friends, some of those who happen to be lobbyists” in Washington D.C. on Saturday September 18th. Obviously, she's looking to flesh out her $1.0 million campaign war chest. Pot, meet kettle. CNN video of Murkowski interview embedded below:

Meanwhile, the Murkowski campaign has clarified the status of former campaign manager John Bitney. While Bitney was indeed removed as campaign manager, he was not severed from the campaign altogether. Instead, Bitney will be doing outreach in the Matanuska-Susitna Valley. But this is clearly a demotion; the Mat-Su is not only a Joe Miller stronghold, but it's still Sarah Palin Country. Good luck in trying to wrest Joe Miller's core constituency away from him - it ain't gonna happen.

And Democrat Scott McAdams still intends to direct his campaign efforts primarily against Joe Miller rather than Lisa Murkowski. McAdams is now crafting a campaign strategy aimed at running against Miller and his Tea party backers. He's crafting a strategy in which he's painting himself as the moderate choice who should be preferred candidate for Democrats, independents and even most Republicans in Alaska. He claims Alaska is a center-right state rather than a far-right state.

This would also be a good time to remind people that there are three other candidates in the Alaska U.S. Senate race; Libertarian David Haase, and independents Ted Gianoutsos and Tim Carter.


  1. If Alaska has any pride, it would tell Lisa Murkowski where to go. She is now the poster child of what's wrong with politicians in this country.

  2. I think Jeff might be a Tea Party supporter and so I suggest he is not objective.