Thursday, August 26, 2010

Time For Alaska To Wash Its Hands Of Levi Johnston; Now He Wants To Take Back His Apology To Sarah Palin

I have attempted to be reasonably charitable towards Levi Johnston and Bristol Palin in coverage on this blog. After all, they did not choose to be suddenly thrust into the national spotlight in 2008 when Sarah Palin was picked as John McCain's running mate. When Levi and Bristol first got together and did what other young couples have done outside of wedlock, they did not intend for a third party to hatch out of it nine months later (at least there was never any serious talk of getting an abortion). They did not choose to have their lives suddenly placed under a national microscope. So in light of all the pressure upon them, it's no wonder their subsequent story proceeds in fits and starts. Bristol Palin in particular has handled it better than most people in her shoes would; at least she hasn't ended up like Lindsey Lohan.

But now we've reached the last straw with Levi Johnston. CBS News reports that Levi Johnston says he wishes he hadn't apologized for telling lies about the former Alaska governor because he's never lied about anything. "I don't really regret anything," Johnston said. "But the only thing I wish I wouldn't have done is put out that apology 'cause it kind of makes me sound like a liar. And I've never lied about anything. So that's probably the only thing. The rest of the stuff I can live with." Levi had publicly apologized to Sarah Palin on July 6th as a precursor to what was intended to be a reconciliation between him and Bristol. Johnston made the remarks on an interview to air August 27th on the CBS program The Early Show

This is the latest outrage, and as far as I'm concerned, the final outrage. It's time for Alaska to wash its hands of this purposeless playboy. Take a look at the recent track record (after the jump):

-- On August 20th, 2010, Levi Johnston filed to run for elective office in Wasilla. Although he did not specify which office, he has spoken of running for mayor. However, this cannot be considered a serious candidacy, because he's doing it as part of a reality T.V. show. The name of the show will be "Loving Levi: The Road to the Mayor's Office". Tying an election campaign to a reality show makes a solemn mockery of the political process.

-- On August 10th, 2010, Capital One Bank filed a civil suit in Alaska court in which they claim Levi Johnston never paid $1,178.06 in charges he made on his Capital One credit card last year. The bank wants Levi to fork over the whole sum plus interest, at a rate of 19.90 percent. Read the official Alaska Court System entry HERE.

-- Levi Johnston and Bristol Palin broke up once again, reportedly on the same day they made their reconciliation public. The two had tentatively decided to restart their relationship in April 2010 as a result of custody negotiations, and were considering marriage. Levi was the catalyst of the breakup; he told Bristol he thought he had impregnated a former girlfriend, Lanesia Garcia (Garcia said afterward that Levi was NOT the father). Bristol Palin finally had enough and pulled the trigger on the relationship, although afterwards she said she was getting tired of Levi's obsession with fame. On August 16th, they did finalize their custody agreement for Tripp. The thoughts of Levi's sister Mercede Johnston on this issue provide some additional perspective, and she sounds off separately about the custody agreement HERE.

-- Levi Johnston posing for Playgirl. Most newly-minted fathers don't go rushing out posing for sexually-oriented magazines. Whether he likes it or not, he's a role model for that boy who he helped create, and he has a responsibility to behave in a manner commensurate with respectable fatherhood. It should be noted that part of his expressed motive was to better provide financially for his kid.

-- Levi Johnson by all accounts still hasn't obtained his GED. This is the height of irresponsibility; a high school diploma is the passport to the economy. In fact, because our production economy has been bartered away, a college degree or trade school diploma has now become the real passport to the more-advanced "knowledge" economy; a high school diploma is but a mere "green card". Quite frankly, Levi Johnston should have had his paternity rights temporarily suspended until he got his GED; we'd find out just how much he really cared about his son.

A big part of the problem is that Levi Johnston fell under the influence of Rex Butler and his paleolithic sidekick Tank Jones. Butler and Johnston first met when Butler agreed to represent Sherry Johnston pro bono in her OxyContin case. Apparently, Johnston must have felt it necessary to allow Butler to pimp him out to the celebrity world in exchange for the pro bono representation, because his life has been a mess ever since Butler took control of it. Perhaps his temporary "reconciliation" with Bristol Palin was merely a ploy to see if the Palin Family could be a bigger Sugar Daddy to him than Rex Butler.

But even though Levi Johnston may have suddenly been confronted by a battery of challenges, he's still responsible for his life. He's had adequate chances to do the right thing, marry Bristol Palin, and become both a husband and a father. Instead, he's chosen to become a celebrity whore. He is an embarrassment to our state; we should wash our hands of him until he begins to behave more responsibly. In contrast, his sister Mercede Johnston keeps her nose to the grindstone and is taking care of her mother much of the time; she discusses the impact upon her life HERE.

Meanwhile, Bristol Palin will be making her own foray into the celebrity world. She's reportedly signed on for a season of "Dancing With The Stars".


  1. This twirp wants to run for mayor of Wasilla.... I wonder if "moral turpitude" is a term familiar to him? If not him, it should be to the voters in Wasilla!

  2. It looks like most of the people commenting on ADN see through Levi Johnson. The fact that he's actually filed shows how deluded he is...and how pernicious is the influence of Rex Butler.