Sunday, August 15, 2010

Paul Bauer "Steps Down" As Alaska Senate Candidate Joe Miller's Campaign Manager; Replaced By Barrow Lawyer Robert Campbell

The rumours floated by Alaska Ear and others are true. Paul Bauer has "stepped down" as the campaign manager of Alaska U.S. Senate candidate Joe Miller. With very little fanfare, the following announcement was posted on Miller's official campaign website on August 13th, 2010:

Anchorage, Alaska. August 13, 2010 -- Robert Campbell has taken over for Paul Bauer as the campaign manager for Joe Miller for U.S. Senate today. "I am honored by Joe's trust in me and excited to be involved in electing him to be the next United States Senator from Alaska," said Campbell. Campbell has his own law practice in Barrow and is a former prosecutor and police officer. "Robert has assisted and counseled me at key moments during our campaign, and I know his help will be invaluable in taking us on to victory," Miller said. He added, "Paul is stepping down to attend to some personal matters, but will continue in an advisory capacity. His efforts have been crucial to bring us to this point, and I want to thank him and his family for all the hard work they have done."

While I appreciate the diplomacy shown by Joe Miller, I don't believe for a second that this move was strictly voluntary on the part of Paul Bauer. This change took place about 24 hours after a YouTube video showing a verbal confrontation between Paul Bauer's wife Debbie and conservative talk-show host Dave "Super Dave" Stieren at McGinley's Pub in Anchorage was publicly released. Another conservative talk-show host, Dan Fagan, immediately jumped all over it and attempted to tar Joe Miller with the brush simply because Debbie Bauer was the wife of his campaign manager, using the same type of guilt-by-association gutter tactics normally employed by progressives like Shannyn Moore.

Unfortunately, I'm not sure Joe Miller had much recourse. He's still down around 25-30 points in the polls with only nine days before the August 24th primary election. An endorsement by former Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee is not expected to make much of a difference; although a recent CNN 2012 Republican presidential straw poll showed Huckabee with 14 percent, it represents a sharp drop from a previous poll in April. So Huckabee's star -- and his influence -- is clearly on the wane. The bottom line -- Joe Miller almost had to take this action to prevent any further damage to his campaign.

It's too bad a stand-up guy like Paul Bauer had to take a hit on this issue. Bauer is a patriot who cares about his community and country. When an Assemblyman, he attempted to craft an Arizona-style immigration enforcement ordinance that was demonized by then Assembly Members Allan Tesche and Sheila Selkregg, and contemptuously brushed aside by then-Mayor Mark Begich. Predictably, it failed.

If you're still riding the fence between Lisa Murkowski and Joe Miller, you might want to read this article about the most evil financial instrument ever devised -- derivatives. The author suggests that there is a horrific derivatives bubble that threatens to destroy not only the U.S. economy but the entire world financial system as well. Because derivatives are so unregulated, nobody knows for certain exactly what the total value of all the derivatives worldwide is, but low estimates put it around 600 trillion dollars and high estimates put it at around 1.5 quadrillion dollars. And guess what? Derivatives played a major role in the financial crisis of 2007 and 2008. What happened is that a subsidiary of AIG had lost more than $18 billion on Credit Default Swaps (derivatives) it had written, and additional losses from derivatives were on the way which could have caused the complete collapse of the insurance giant. So the U.S. government stepped in and bailed them out - all at U.S. taxpayer expense of course.

And Lisa Murkowski voted for that bailout. Joe Miller opposes it. 'Nuff said.

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