Thursday, August 12, 2010

Dan Fagan And Shannyn Moore - Two Separate Wings Of The Same Bird Of Prey; Fagan Launches Another Smear Attack Against Joe Miller

South Central Alaska's prolonged rainy season seems to have dampened common sense. Alaska's conservative pundits are going rogue one by one.

First, former VECO stooge Paul Jenkins, who runs Anchorage Daily Planet, did a 180 on California Proposition 8. In an August 7th Anchorage Daily News guest opinion piece entitled "Homophobic frenzy over equal rights is mystifying", Jenkins not only expressed vigorous approval of openly-gay Judge Vaughn Walker's decision to invalidate Prop 8, but characterized opponents of his ruling as homophobic bigots, describing them as "dull-eyed, slack-jawed droolers". These are the same type of name-calling gutter tactics used by progressives. Note that Jenkins did NOT cross-post this piece on the Daily Planet, which leaves me wondering why he would want to hide his sudden volte-face from the Planet's readership.

Now, KFQD conservative talk show host Dan Fagan has launched another smear attack on U.S. Senate candidate Joe Miller. Only he doesn't attack directly; instead, he uses the wife of Miller's campaign manager Paul Bauer as a prop. On The Alaska Standard, Fagan has embedded this video showing Mrs. Bauer launching an alleged "tirade" against another KFQD conservative talk-show host, Dave "Super Dave" Stieren, accusing her of threatening to "bury him alive". Note that the video is disingenuously entitled "Joe Miller Whackos", attempting to promote guilt by association:

During the first 40 seconds, Mrs. Bauer makes it quite clear that she's speaking only for herself; she's not speaking for the campaign, or even for her husband. At the 1:45 point, Mrs. Bauer does tell Super Dave "if you ever treat him [Paul Bauer] like that again, I will bury you alive". She was protesting against perceived derogatory treatment of Paul Bauer by Super Dave during a recent radio program.

It's obvious that Mrs. Bauer was speaking only in the rhetorical or political sense, and had no intention of literally "burying Super Dave alive". But truth doesn't goose talk show ratings like sensation. This was hardly a "tirade"; Fagan himself erupts like Mt. Redoubt on a regular basis on his program. How is Dan Fagan any different than KUDO progressive talk show host Shannyn Moore, who deliberately lied when she claimed that a member of Sarah Palin's entourage tore down an anti-Palin sign during a recent Palin appearance in Homer? Conservatives4Palin published a report from someone actually in Homer that NO member of Palin's entourage tore down the sign.

I can only conclude that both Dan Fagan and Shannyn Moore are two separate wings of the same bird of prey. Both have become ratings whores dedicated to propagating smear and trafficking in slander.

But Dan Fagan retains some redeeming characteristics. Unlike Paul Jenkins, Fagan remains identifiably conservative. He did persistently oppose the proposed gay rights ordinance, Ordinance #64, which Anchorage Mayor Dan Sullivan courageously vetoed. Fagan continues to be an articulate and positive spokesman for private enterprise and freedom of association. But the decision between Lisa Murkowski and Joe Miller is far too important to be decided solely on emotion; reason must be factored into the equation. Do we vote for an incumbent who favors patchwork reform, or a challenger who promotes grass-roots revolution? Do we select an incumbent who's likely to continue applying band-aids to sucking chest wounds, or a challenger who's committed to stopping the bleeding? Perhaps we can afford to sacrifice Lisa Murkowski's seniority in the Senate if we choose to keep Don Young's seniority in the House.


  1. You are way off base. Having watched the video last night, listened to all of Dave's show this morning, and listened to all of Dan's show this afternoon, what you say is simply not true. Watch the video and let the viewer make up their own minds.

    And just so we're clear, this isn't some random Joe Miller volunteer, this is the campaign manager's wife, someone in Joe Miller's most inner circle. The association to Miller is quite valid in my mind and he would be wise to let Paul go within the next 24 hours (before the adn ear runs the story).

    You and I both know if this was the campaign manager's wife of some Dem running for US Senate, you'd be singing a much different tune.

  2. I don't see how you could have watched the same video, because the action is exactly as I described it. I quoted Mrs. Bauer precisely.

    The fact is, Dan Fagan has an obvious axe to grind with Miller, no different than Shannyn Moore's ax to grind with Sarah Palin. Both motivated by the same spirit.

  3. BTW, since when did Alaska Ear matter? It's an amusing gossip column, but nothing to be taken seriously.

  4. If it's nothing to be taken seriously, then the miller camp has nothing to fear.

    I find it interesting you're going after Dan and not Dave. Why is that???

    BTW, Dan said today he is still unsure of who he is going to vote for... as am I.

  5. Dan has bashed Joe Miller repeatedly and vocally, particularly on ACES. even though ACES is NOT a Federal issue. Dave Stieren is not so vocal about it...or at least he doesn't post his opposition weekly on The Alaska Standard. I may have to start listening to Dave's program more; I thought he was pretty good when he was Fagan's understudy.

    I still am personally leaning slightly toward Lisa despite all of this. But with so many so-called Republicans compromising on important social issues (like Paul Jenkins), the only way to stop it is to show them it will cost.

  6. Dan has said he has yet to make up his mind on who he will vote for and I believe him because I'm in the same boat. I too do not know who I will be voting for come August 24th.

    As for your comment that ACES is not a federal issue, this argument is a red herring. It doesn't matter if it's a state issue or federal issue. He claims to be a fiscal conservative, yet refuses to speak out against ACES. To other fiscal conservatives, this is a huge problem.

  7. > First, former VECO stooge Paul Jenkins . . .

    You start off calling someone a "stooge" then continue with complaints about the smear campaign said stooge is running. Does not compute?

  8. Shannyn hardly ever talks about Sarah Palin anymore. And I know the woman in Homer that put up the "Worst Governor Ever" sign. And I know the man who owns the business property the sign was on. IT WAS TORN DOWN BY A MEMBER OF PALIN's ENTOURAGE.

    You, Alaska Pride, are the liar and misinformed one. Get your facts straight.